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Fitness center evolves into community workout hub

May 19th, 2017 development
Fitness center evolves into community workout hub

By Alison Bailin Batz


Though best-known for helping to transform others, StudioFIT in Chandler recently did a little transformation of its own.

Now located across the street from its former digs – and more than twice its original size at 9,000 square feet – StudioFIT Chandler evolved into Fit Society in April. The studio is now at 2920 S. Alma School Road.

“More than six years ago, we started in a 500-square-foot old chiropractor’s office, and then moved to our most recent digs shortly thereafter, at 4,500 square feet,” owner MJ Reavley, who lives in the Ocotillo neighborhood, said. “And though it seems like it happened overnight, our most recent transformation was a project more than two years in the making. We built Fit Society from the ground up, with the support of our team and local community.”

And the move, according to Reavley, was about far more than simply outgrowing their space.

“While we’re still ‘us’ – and I always tell people that more is the same than has changed – this evolution came as a result of our team purposefully defining our mission, our code, and our values, which are built around serving our community, inclusion, engaging together in fitness and overall excellence in everything we do,” Reavley said.

With that always top of mind, Fit Society focuses on quality workout programming for all levels, in which coaches help members use their bodies as the machines, focusing on functional movements that vary by experience, activity level, and overall fitness. One secret to their success is their custom Workouts of the Day, or WODs.

“We program and coach both a ‘Fitness’ and ‘Performance’ WOD daily,” Reavley said.

Fitness workouts, according to Reavley, are programmed for the beginner to intermediate exerciser in mind and consist of high-intensity functional training combining weights and cardio.

“In a Fitness WOD, you will see longer in duration, station, and circuit-based workouts programmed,” he added.

In contrast, performance WODs are programmed with the intermediate to advanced exerciser in mind and consist of high-intensity functional training with strength and conditioning principles and movements.

Fit Society provides both a monthly membership as well as one-on-one options.


“Membership is an affordable group workout option that encourages community, camaraderie, and healthy competition. We also have one-on-one coaching for those individuals that have physical limitations, sport-specific goals, or prefer a one-on-one setting,” said Reavley, noting the facility hosts monthly events ranging from fitness competitions, cause-centered charity events, and even happy hours. “We’re a group of people that take our fitness seriously, but ourselves not too seriously – we enjoy making a ruckus.”

No matter which WOD a guest chooses, there is one thing in common with either: All are done at a high intensity – “We do work,” Reavley said.

“Intensity is the variable that determines results,” he said, noting the group dynamic is key. “We are a group of like-minded people who support each other’s goals, respect each other’s abilities, and hold each other accountable to be better together daily.”

Fit Society also offers individualized nutrition plans and coaching with a Certified Nutrition Coach. “Nutrition determines 80 percent or more of your success when it comes to changing your body composition,” Reavley said.

And finally, families and kids are top of mind at Fit Society. Kids as young as 12 years old are welcome to be members. They also offer kid-specific options during school breaks.

“We offer two Fit Society Kids options – pre-teens ages 12 and under and one for teens ages 13 and over,” Reavley said. “This training is designed to progress kids to improve their overall performance and self-confidence.”

To learn more about Fit Society, visit

Alison Bailin Batz is a Senior Account Executive at HMA Public Relations.

(Photos courtesy Fit Society)

Fitness Society owner MJ Reavley says “like-minded people” support each other’s fitness goals at the health club.

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