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Students hit the trails toward a green future

June 10th, 2017 development
Students hit the trails toward a green future

By Stormy Light

There’s nothing like filling your backpack full of lemon Luna bars, bug spray and Gatorade to hit the great outdoors with friends! John Muir, founder of environmental organization the Sierra Club, said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” As the year comes to an end, hit the trails like John Muir and discover what is important to you. The club encourages students to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet while inspiring others to make progress for the future.

The Sierra Club has grown to 2.9 million eco-obsessed members because it attracts future leaders around the country who are passionate about maintaining and conserving the environment. Local branches, like the Grand Canyon Branch, organize meetups for students to hike, climb and even volunteer.  Students are taking a step back from busy lives to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Isabella Klemeneic, a student at Hamilton High School, said, “I enjoy being in nature because it relaxes me and gets my mind off all the stress of a busy schedule. It’s a sense of relief to get off the phone and just enjoy the moment and take it all in.”

College-bound students can also test their survival skills by participating in canyon hikes and tightening their teamwork skills rafting through the rapids.

Mrs. Kenyon, biology teacher and environmentalist, has worn a few hiking boots throughout her career. Her scientific work in the National Parks has given her a lifelong interest in protecting these environments. She said, “The importance of preserving the natural world cannot be underemphasized and it is our obligation to future generations. We owe them a healthy world that can meet their basic needs. Further, the opportunity to step outside of the man-made world and into nature is a true gift as it allows for a connection with something grander than ourselves.”
So, hit the trails this summer and explore the possibilities of a green future.
Stormy Light will be a sophomore at Hamilton High School. She writes an occasional column for the SanTan Sun News.