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Chandler remains healthy, fiscally fit

June 15th, 2017 development
Chandler remains healthy, fiscally fit

By Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny

The Salt River Project (SRP) recently resumed its Price Road 230kV power line project with little public notice to homeowners and residents. Instead of being open and upfront on the process, SRP has chosen to provide the minimum amount of information to the public and other stakeholders on options they have researched and the costs of the project, and information provided can change between the meetings held separately for each of three homeowner associations.

By canceling the Price Road Corridor 230kV power line working committee (a group of homeowners, businesses and city officials who provide feedback) and instead announcing with less than a week’s notice an open house – on a night when SRP’s communications strategist knows most businesses and city officials have previously committed to a Chandler Chamber of Commerce event – SRP continues to do its best to drive a wedge into our community.

Their strategy is clearly divide and conquer among the three groups most passionately involved: the residents of the three homeowner associations lining a potential route, developers and businesses of the Price Road corridor and the City of Chandler.

It is not reasonable for the homeowners to bear the burden of these lines for several important reasons:

  • The city’s or the businesses’ need for additional power – the homes are built out; only business-use land remains in the Price Road Corridor
  • The potential health risks from these lines
  • The loss of value in our properties – estimated to be up to $60,000 per home.

To the city, in your vision statement you pledge “to make Chandler a world-class city by delivering outstanding public services, creating a unique community and ensuring an exceptional quality of life.” The City Council has approved Resolution 5065, stating that the city does not support above-ground power lines on Ellis Road or Price Road. This was the first step and we applaud you for this action; and we look forward to your continued support of the residents of Ellis Road!

To our valued business partners and developers on Price Road: Without us, your business doesn’t thrive. We are your customers and/or your employees – we are your engines of industry.

Those of us who live, work, and play along Ellis Road have a critical stake in this process. While SRP has chosen to cancel its working group sessions, the homeowners along Ellis invite the City of Chandler and the developers and business owners along the Price Road corridor to unite with us and create a working plan to present to the siting committee that is fair and reasonable for us all. This power line has been four years in the making, and due to the current infrastructure of the area, there is no harm in delaying this processing to find the right solution.

Jordan Marsh is a resident of the Vintage Villas HOA.