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Support City of Chandler – SRP Agreement for PRC 230kV Project

July 7th, 2017 development
Support City of Chandler – SRP Agreement for PRC 230kV Project

By Jordan Marsh

I commend the City Council of Chandler and our City’s Planning Department, for the diligent and effective efforts they employed to find an agreement with Salt River Project on the placement of the Price Road Corridor 230kV power line.

Approval of Resolution 5071 allowed Chandler to enter an agreement with SRP to partially underground the transmission lines. This route best maintains the look and feel of our award-winning Price Road Corridor and best protects the interests of all the citizens of Chandler, including the investments our business and development partners along the Corridor have made within our City.  Through this agreement, and the unprecedented undergrounding of a 230kV power line in SRP’s territory, the City demonstrates, once again, why Chandler is the heart of America’s Silicon Desert.

The agreement with SRP includes funding the undergrounding of the double circuit 230kV transmission lines, in part, through an account made available by SRP to bury lower voltage lines and improve the appearance of various electrical, or water, facilities.

These undergrounded sections will:

  • Not increase municipal taxes or increase rates through SRP, as the undergrounding costs will be addressed with existing and future resources designated for aesthetics to projects of this kind.
  • Keep the powerful, industrial sized transmission lines away from residences and allay the concerns of the residents in the area.
  • Maintain the look and feel of the award-winning Price Road corridor for residents, employees of the companies in the Corridor and future development.
  • Demonstrate the possibility, and effectiveness, of undergrounding power lines in the future due to the presence of existing residences and businesses.

The homeowners behind Support And Value Ellis Residents (SAVER) thank SRP for choosing to remove the Ellis Street route and only provide this agreed upon route in the proposal it gave the Arizona Corporation Commission on June 13.

While this may feel like the end of this adventure for many, the residents off Ellis have a vested interest in the completion of this route. The City of Chandler supported us with Resolutions 5065 and 5071, and we will continue to support the city’s, and now SRP’s, recommendation for placement of the 230kV power lines throughout the process at the Corporation Commission: under the ground, along Price Road. The only above ground sections in the Price Road Corridor area would be near the towering Loop 101/Loop 202 interchange and the last quarter mile to the new substation along Old Price Road. The City of Chandler is making reasonable accommodations to SRP and the city’s preferred route should be accepted by the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee.

The Line Siting Hearing will be held at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix-Chandler Golf Resort (a.k.a. Crowne Plaza San Marcos) on July 24. Make your comments heard during the day, or at a public comment time at 6 p.m.  Support the agreed upon route!

Jordan Marsh is a resident of the Vintage Villas HOA.