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Veterinarian opens Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic

September 22nd, 2017 development
Veterinarian opens Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic


Dr. Ashley Greenway was only 8 years old when she decided what she wanted to be when she grew up.

“I always loved animals growing up,” she said. “I got my first cat Smokie at the age of 8, and always knew this is what I wanted to do since then.”

“This” was becoming a veterinarian.

And now, the Nebraska native owns bought Sun Lakes Animal Clinic, which she from the estate of Dr. Randy Walker, the late veterinarian with whom she worked.

She has now renamed the business the Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic.

After graduating from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009, Greenway moved to Arizona in search of warmer weather and outdoor activities.

She practiced in Chandler before she made her way to the Sun Lakes clinic in 2014, working there for last three years as an associate at the clinic.

An Ahwatukee resident who lives with her husband, Jeff, three dogs and two cats, Greenway looked at Sun Lakes as an ideal place for her practice.

“I love my clients and people in this area, so decided I didn’t want to leave the area, so we bought the practice,” she said. “The practice is actually a lot closer to Chandler than people realize.

“A lot of our Ocotillo clients comment how close the clinic is to them.  So, we changed the name from Sun Lakes Animal Clinic, to Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic to reflect the areas we serve. “

She has already made several improvements, including incorporating new technology into the clinic, such as digital radiography, laser therapy and in-house lab work.

Also, the clinic is working on its Cat Friendly Certification and has already incorporated separate entrances, waiting room areas, exam rooms and treatment areas to minimize stress for cats during visits.

“We provide many aspects of care from puppy/kittenhood through senior pets from wellness exams and vaccines, pets with allergies or other skin conditions, to dentistry, surgery (spay and neuter, mass removals, and many other soft tissue and abdominal surgeries), and laser therapy for management of many painful or inflammatory conditions,” she said.

Greenway has received extensive continuing education and training in the field of dentistry and safe anesthesia.

She also had to surmount a learning curve setting up shop, including “the endless paperwork and signing away your life on every document you sign.”

“With any change in ownership, it is difficult to make any changes,” she said. “On one hand, you know that what you are doing will benefit your patients and clients, but some people don’t like to see change and refuse to see it for the betterment of their pets.”

Her practice is limited solely to dogs and cats and believes her technological improvements and bedside manner will give her an edge in a competitive industry.

“It has gotten more so,” she said of the competitive field in which she works.

“We just focus on why we are here:  because we love what we do, we love our patients and clients, and we hope that people can see the passion we have for every pet we see,” she said, adding:

“We also focus on what we are best at:  dentisty/surgery and anesthetic safety, pain management, and treating each pet like it was our own.  We do a great job taking care of each pet and hope that people will see that.”

When she is not busy treating cats and dogs, Greenway enjoys hiking with her husband and dogs, traveling, swimming, and watching football.

The clinic is at 9607 E. Riggs Road on the corner of Riggs and Dobson roads in Sun Lakes. Information: 480-895-7633,