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Christian software developer has big plans for East Valley

November 4th, 2017 development
Christian software developer has big plans for East Valley

By Ralph Zubiate Managing Editor

Nestled between a Dutch Bros. coffee shop and an office of the American Federation of Astrologers in Tempe, one of the best-known brands in the Christian software world sits quietly in a satellite office.

But Faithlife hopes to make a bigger splash with a move to a former grocery store in Chandler.

“We are really big on being part of the community,” said Daniel Bagley, Faithlife’s inbound sales manager. “Moving to downtown Chandler makes sense for us. We fit into that culture, providing jobs and growth.”

Sometime in November, the company will move its 20 or so employees to a building at 398 S. Arizona Ave., about two blocks from Chandler City Hall.

“The building was a minimart and fried chicken and check cashing office,” said Bob Pritchett, a founder of Faithlife. “It’ll look a little nicer when we’re done.”

Faithlife will use the facility, which it bought for $1 million last year, for software developers and sales.

“We’re excited about what’s happening in downtown Chandler,” Pritchett said. “We’re interested in the walkable downtown in Chandler.”

The company was founded in 1992 as Logos when Pritchett and another founder left Microsoft to develop Christian software. The company is based in Bellingham, Washington, with the Tempe satellite office established 2012.

The company is best-known as the creator of Logos Bible Software. The company diversified with church presentation software, ebooks and magazines. It rebranded as Faithlife Corporation in October 2014.

Faithlife now publishes tools and resources under a number of other brands, including Vyrso and Faithlife partners with more than 200 publishers to offer over 40,000 Christian e-books available to users of its software.

The company also makes Proclaim presentation software for churches, letting worship leaders show lyrics and pastors show verses on video screens during services.

“Logos Bible software is still our bestselling product,” Pritchett said.

Faithlife first moved to Arizona because of Pritchett’s family history – “Both of my kids went to ASU” – and because of the East Valley’s focus on technology.

“Arizona is pretty big in technology,” said Bagley, who has been at the office since 2016.

“We also needed to have a satellite office and were looking for location with a larger labor pool,” Pritchett said. “We thought it would be nice to be someplace sunny and that had direct flights to Bellingham.”

Setting two offices so far apart hasn’t been a problem for the company, especially since they have a friend connecting them.

“We do a lot of video conferencing, and we have telepresence robots,” one in Arizona and three in Bellingham, Pritchett said.

“People will often join a meeting through telepresence robot.”

Faithlife is a large employer in Bellingham, among the city’s top two or three employers, Bagley said.

“We want to be the same in Chandler,” he said.

The company is looking to add sales and software developer positions eventually.

All of it leads back to Faithlife’s mission – “to do technology to equip the church to grow in the Bible,” Pritchett said.

“We want to help the pastor to help the whole church – worship leader, presentation, back office of the church. In all we do, we’re connecting back to the Bible.”

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