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TouchUps Salon offers one-stop beauty service

December 3rd, 2017 development
TouchUps Salon offers one-stop beauty service


Busy parents and working professionals can find it tricky squeezing in appointments to get their gray hairs covered, boost their hairstyle with a glamorous blowout and fix fading nail color.

A new salon on North Dobson Road in Chandler, TouchUps Salon, is trying to relieve that time crunch and give women and men juggling hectic schedules time to pamper themselves and polish their look.

TouchUps Salon provides a novel “beauty express lane.” There, customers can get a root-color application for their hair, facial waxing, a manicure and blowout, and have their hair washed, blown dry and styled – all in two-and-a-half hours.

“The whole concept is built around making a woman’s beauty time the most efficient it can be and not sacrificing quality,” TouchUps Salon owner and founder Anthony Colello said. “We’re trying to take that inaccessible salon/spa life and bring it to everyone else. We want to save people time and money.”

And they won’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy the streamlined beauty treatments at the salon, which opened in October next to a recently expanded Starbucks store, Colello added.

The full-service salon offers various memberships and people can also pay by the individual service if they choose.

Customers can get a VIP Gold membership for $99 a month. With that membership, they can get one root touch-up per month, one manicure per month (with gel or regular nail polish), one facial wax per month and one blowout.

They also receive two additional blowouts per year (at any other time of the year), two free upgrade services and 15 percent off all retail items year-round, as well as 15 percent off the cost of special events year-round.

The upgrade services are adding a regular or gel polish manicure, single area facial waxing, Davines-brand deep-conditioning treatment and hot tool styling after the blow dry.

Clients who want to save more money can opt for the VIP membership, which costs $59 a month. The VIP members receive one root touch-up a month, one blowout a month and they can do two free service upgrades per year.

Those who want even more privileges can buy the platinum membership for $149 a month. They receive one haircut a month, one root touch-up a month, three blowouts per month, three manicures a month, two facial waxes a month, four extra blowouts per year and 20 percent off products and events.

Individual haircuts at TouchUps start at $55 for women and begin at $35 for men. Full color treatments start at $85 and partial highlights are $75 and up. A regular nail polish manicure costs $20 and a gel manicure is priced at $35.

So far, the salon has sold more than 20 memberships.

“A salon-quality blowout both looks amazing and allows the woman to wear her hair for several days longer than normal before washing,” Colello said. “Also, since we use premium products, the hair is better conditioned and protected.”

Master stylist Colello, 31, has worked in the salon industry for 13 years and his new salon has eight stylists and two receptionists. He and the eight employees who offer beauty treatments have cosmetology licenses so they can offer waxing and manicures in addition to haircuts and styling.

Previously, Colello owned STRUT Salon on Warner Road, just west of McQueen Road. He said his clients were eager to follow him to the new, modern salon in 1,805 square feet of space, where blow dryers hang by cords from the ceiling and large mirrors adorn tables.

“This is a space no one is in,” Colello said. “Our thing is the beauty express lane. If we can get off the ground, we will be very disruptive for a lot of markets. I was raised in a technical arena where your skills have to be good. The industry is going natural. I’ve evolved with it. You want to suit the hair to the client.”

Having a hairy lip or gray hairs poking out of one’s head can hurt people’s confidence, he said.

“It’s something nobody (else) notices, but you think about all day,” Colello said.

He attended Paul Mitchell the School in Costa Mesa, California, and TouchUps uses Davines hair products, which tout using natural ingredients.

Kim Bregger, 29, of Gilbert, a longtime client, came to TouchUps recently. She was getting a manicure while Colello, a friend of hers from their church group, played with her son, Nixon, 15 months old.

Bregger hoped to also get the waxing, blowout and root touch-up while she was there, but how long she stayed would depend on Nixon’s antsy-ness. Colello is used to small children as he and his wife, Sara, have two, Cynthia, 3, and Elliana, 2, with another on the way.

“It’s fun and new,” Bregger said of TouchUps. “It’s still growing. They’re just all really fun and are open to trying new things.”

She said she thinks the express beauty service is “phenomenal.”

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” Bregger said. “Anthony’s a good family friend. He’s always been kind of a visionary.”

Bregger’s friend Jordan Hubay, 34, of Mesa, had a day off from work so she came to TouchUps with Bregger to get a manicure and blowout.

“One-stop shop is good for me,” Hubay said. “I work right around the corner, which is nice. I’m excited.”

TouchUps plans to have events including classes where customers will learn how to blow-dry their hair and daddy-daughter nights, where fathers will be taught how to braid their daughters’ hair.

Salon manager Hermon Gebre, who has worked in the industry for three years, said the business is special because “it caters to women so it fixes the issue of them having to spend so much time and money on their hair.”

Colello, of Gilbert, moved to the Valley in 2011 from Orange County, California. He said Chandler is a great market for the salon because of the income levels and the cost-of-living is low enough people can afford to get “good haircuts.”

“It reminds me of Orange County 15 years ago,” Colello said. “It’s just starting to get that density with high-quality products and services. Queen Creek has really developed a lot. Downtown Chandler is growing (by) leaps and bounds. The whole Price Corridor is within our reach.”

The next-door Starbucks and nearby LA Fitness in the same shopping center also make the salon a great location for business.

So far, TouchUps has been “really busy” and Colello is already looking to the future.

“We have plans to expand,” he said.

His goal is to open more salons in Ahwatukee, Scottsdale and in either Gilbert or Queen Creek. Colello has a partner and two investors in TouchUps Salon.

TouchUps Salon is located at 2050 N. Dobson Road, Suite 2. Its hours are noon to 6 p.m. Mondays, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and it’s closed on Sundays.

To learn more about TouchUps, visit People can check it out on Facebook at and on Instagram at