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The story of Christmas is lived for people just like us

December 6th, 2017 development
The story of Christmas is lived for people just like us

“Who is this person?” Older Sister asks, reading the sticky note on a plain box. “I can’t wrap a gift if I don’t know anything about them.”
“His name is Todd,” I say. “He is married to my daughter. He recently went hunting with his dad.” Older Sister sorts through the wrapping supplies in a basket on the kitchen floor. “This is perfect,” she declares, “a reindeer sticker.”
She wraps the gift and sets it under the tree while I smile at her logic. I’ve hired her and her sister to wrap gifts so they can earn some Christmas money.
“I cut the paper too short,” Older Sister worries while wrapping the next box. “Use this.” Younger Sister throws her a roll of coordinating red. “Adorable,” Older Sister declares. She tilts her head. “It needs something else. I need another color ribbon.”
“The only other color I have is black,” I say. “That doesn’t seem very Christmasy” “It will be perfect.” She adds the black
ribbon with a flourish. She is right. The black ribbon looks great on the red paper. “Who is this for?” Younger Sister asks. “Madelyn is my one-year-old granddaughter. She loves playing with her doll.”
“The Winnie The Pooh paper!” Younger Sister grabs the blue roll decorated with Pooh and friends and cuts it to size. When she wraps it around the box, the paper is again too short. She cuts another piece from the roll and tapes it in place.
For one of the last boxes, the girls decide to use all the remaining scraps. They cut and tape and measure and wrap the box with the finishing touch—a lime green bow. “Beautiful,” they declare.
I was worried Christmas wouldn’t find me this year amid an overloaded schedule and plans gone awry. But Christmas, the story of Christmas waswritten … was lived … is lived … for people just like me. Just like you.
For people who come up short, who feel like all they have are pieces and scraps, and still God comes. God comes. He looks at people just like us, people he has created, and because he knows us so well, he knew exactly how to wrap that Christmas present so long ago.
God took his gift, the gift of his son and wrapped that gift with human skin and placed Jesus in the arms of a young woman in a stable.
A bit of a messy, less-than-perfect affair. Yet that was Christmas. That is Christmas. It’s not found on the pages of Pinterest or in a perfectly prepared table or with the most expensive gifts under the tree.
Christmas is our God who covers the places we come up short—our God who takes the leftover pieces of our lives—and wraps us with love and makes what we have to offer something incredibly beautiful.
Lynne Hartke is an author and wife of Chandler Vice Mayor and Pastor Kevin Hartke.