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Time to take action, pray after campus tragedies

April 14th, 2018 development
Time to take action, pray after campus tragedies


It is natural that when tragedy strikes, our emotions seem to take over.

We tend to forget that each tragedy in our lives requires us to look at it logically so that we can gain some comfort and engender solutions.

However, it sometimes can be the most difficult exercise because we have been traumatized and feel all is lost and there is no return to normalcy.

Perhaps, now that we have seen the horrors and lived the nightmares, we can step back and attempt to find answers that seem to elude us.

For example, the most difficult challenge we now face as a nation is how to effect the necessary safeguards to ensure the safety of our children.

Many things have been suggested, such as arming teachers or using retired servicemen and women who are battle-seasoned, enabling a strong and immediate response to these murderous episodes.

Perhaps using the air marshals, who protect us every day as we embark on journeys throughout the world, is one answer. When was the last time we have witnessed an airplane hijacking in our country?

Their minds are focused, their intuition sharp and their reaction swift. This has a twofold solution: 1) no uniforms, no alarming aspects, and the public would be aware of their presence. 2) they could be placed in positions throughout the schools, always ready and always available.

The cost could and should be borne by city, state and federal governments proportionately.

We have witnessed our students react strongly to the inaction of our representatives. Now, perhaps it is time to be more forceful in their attempts to create the greatest challenge to our leaders.

Time and again we have seen demonstrations to correct injustices or to change collective thinking toward the betterment of all.

But then we go about our daily routines, never forgetting but never continuing the march toward change.

If all the schools were closed because of student rebellion, maybe the country would finally and intelligently discuss remedies to these nightmare that have haunted us since the beginning of this year, and before, unabated.

Since the founding of our nation, we have witnessed the value of the voice of the people affecting redress when it was felt wrongs were being perpetrated. What makes this any different?

All will not be satisfied with the decisions, but we also know that a beginning requires some solution and can always be perfected upon as time continues.

Some have indicated that prayer is needed now more than ever. No one could argue with this attempt at finding peace and consolation. Prayer must be accompanied by action.

Our partnership with God is dependent upon our joint responsibility. We cannot just throw our hands up and expect that all will be right with the world.

How can we expect our prayers to be answered if we are not willing to affect results through our collective response? How can we expect God to deliver us from evil if we are not ready to step forward and confront evil with all the resources available to us?

Too many times we witness horrors that seem to boggle the mind. We shout, we cry, we demand, and then time seems to relieve us of the impetus to continue the struggle for equality and justice.

By doing so, we seem to liberate the fringe consisting of hate and indifference.

Perhaps our prayer should be that God gives us the strength to be responsible activists in our desire to safeguard our future by ensuring the safety of our children.

Dr. Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D. is national chaplain of Jewish War Veterans-USA and he is with Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation.

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