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As endurance is tested, honor those who died

May 4th, 2018 development
As endurance is tested, honor those who died


The one thing that man has perfected above all else is the art of war. The one thing that man has yet to perfect is the art of peace.

The many we honor on Memorial Day are truly a testament to these pronouncements.

The hallowed grounds that contain their remains should remind us of the destructive nature of weapons beyond description and behavior that imitates the most heinous efforts ever perpetrated by human beings.

If we should learn anything from their sacrifice it is that they are the perfect examples of goodness and mercy abiding in all of us. We desecrate their memories when we abandon our obligations.

Yes, we devote time to commemorate and celebrate. We commemorate the vision they represented when they went off to battle – the vision of peace and tranquility.

We celebrate their lives because now what we have are memories of fathers and mothers and husbands and wives of brothers and sisters who remain with us through the difficulty of remembrances.

How many times in our journey have we been forced to memorialize a loved one? How many times in our journey have we asked the purpose for which they died? How many times have we really tried to determine the value and purpose of all life?

Questions, more questions, an endless display of the questions asked through the ages. Yet, there is one more, and it is connected to today, involving the seemingly mindless killings and murders, not only of adults, but now our children.

So, here is the remaining question, at this time as we connect to our heroes: Is this what they sacrificed so much for?

Our endurance is being tested as never before, and we take the time and expend the energy to pay tribute to all who answered the call of their country since the beginning of our republic.

We do this to offer our thanks and to pray:

Dear God, you endowed us with both eyes and ears. Teach us to those eyes to see the horrors before us. Teach us to use our ears to listen to the cries of the generations sent to all corners of the Earth to fight for justice and decency.

Give us the ability to access the teachings you sent through the Holy words of Scripture: there will come a time when the lion will lie down with the lamb, and each will live under his fig tree and not be afraid.

Perhaps then, O Lord we will earn the blessings you bestow upon us each and every day.

Dr. Rabbi Irwin Wiener, D.D. is National Chaplain of Jewish War Veterans-USA and he is with Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation.