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2 popular parks to get major upgrade

May 31st, 2018 development
2 popular parks to get major upgrade

By Colleen Sparks, Managing Editor


Two popular parks in Chandler are getting upgrades that experts say will provide more polished, safer areas for children and adults to play and participate in sports.

The Chandler City Council recently approved construction contracts to two companies to do work at Harter Park at 665 N. Country Club Way and Snedigar Sportsplex at 4500 S. Basha Road.

A contract of nearly $287,000 to AJP Electric will pay for renovations to Harter Park, including a new picnic ramada, new swing set, playground surfacing, new lighting and other changes.

Council awarded a contract of more than $535,000 to Nickle Contracting to pave a dirt parking lot at Snedigar Sportsplex off Alma School Road to create 61 paved parking spots, among related work.

“We’re very fortunate with our elected officials there. They are always supportive of quality-of-life issues such as this and making improvements and renovating our parks,” said Mickey Ohland, city services planning manager.

Harter, located just north of Galveston Street, is one of 40 neighborhood parks in Chandler.

“The park is 24 years old and so what we do and Council has made a point, that as we continue to build new parks, we don’t want to forget about our existing and older parks,” Ohland said.

“Neighborhood parks are within a square mile of residential development so the city’s goal is to provide at least one neighborhood park for every square mile of residential development. They’re designed to walk or ride your bike to.”

The covered picnic ramada at Harter will be replaced and a new swing set that is ADA-accessible will be set up at the park, he said.

Existing lights will be replaced with lights that are LED, as they last longer and require less maintenance, Ohland said.

New woodchips will be put in the playground area for ADA compliance and to make it less likely people will get injured if they fall, he added.

Irrigation will be improved, and a ramp put in for accessibility and sidewalks will also be upgraded.

The construction work at Harter Park is expected to be done by the end of May. Areas where construction projects are in process will be fenced off, but people will still be able to access other areas of the park while work is underway, Ohland said.

Melissa Hartley of Chandler is excited about the renovations at Harter Park. She often goes there with her daughter, who is in elementary school.

“We go to play,” Hartley said. “We go to walk the dogs. She’s learning how to ride her bike over there. We use that park often.

“It is a big reason why we bought in that neighborhood and we love how well-utilized the park is,” Hartley added. “I was excited to see the swing set is going to get upgraded. It’s nice to see that they’re continuing to invest.”

Snedigar Sportsplex

Workers clean up a field at Snedigar Sportsplex on South Basha Road.

At Snedigar Sportsplex, workers will create a paved parking lot off Alma School Road at the Lake Street entrance, Ohland said.

“We received complaints regarding the dust that’s generated since it’s not paved,” he said. “Number two, with it not being paved, it’s just not being used very efficiently.”

Crews will also put in sidewalks, a curb, gutter, landscaping and lighting associated with the new paved parking lot.

“It definitely will be a big improvement to the park while cutting down on the dust and providing additional parking for the people that use the park,” Ohland said.

Snedigar is busy “just about every night of the week and on weekends” with various youth and adult sports organizations using the sports complex. People also walk their dogs in a dog park and skate in a skate park there.

The construction project at Snedigar will start in June and will likely be done by the end of August.

“It shows that we place a high level of importance on our parks and making sure they’re up to date and user-friendly,” Ohland said.

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