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Primary Election – Matt Eberle

June 28th, 2018 development
Primary Election – Matt Eberle

Name: Matt Eberle

Age: 53

Educational Background: MBA with dual concentrations in Applied Economics and Finance, Xavier University

B.B.A. in Business Administration with dual majors in Accounting and Finance, University of Cincinnati

Current employer/job: Managing Member of Biltmore Executive Group

Immediate Family (spouse’s name/number of children):

Spouse: Donnalee

I have three children Mark, Andrew, and Jonathan

Year you moved to Chandler: 2008

Last book read: The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe

Most favorite annual event in Chandler: The Ostrich Festival

Most favorite spot in Chandler: There are several. I tend to spend time in coffee shops like Press Coffee and Peixoto.


Why are you running for or seeking another term on City Council?

With Councilmember Hartke terming out and running for mayor we need a pragmatic, experienced, and visionary thinker as a replacement. I have a proven track record of noted accomplishments in the business world and the necessary skills to move Chandler forward. I am a collaborative thinker and I am willing to put others first for the advancement of Chandler. My background lends itself to problem solving, making difficult decisions when necessary, and providing workable solutions in a team environment. City Council is a team and must remain cohesive; I bring that collaborative and cohesive element.

FOR INCUMBENTS: Briefly explain your three most significant accomplishments.

FOR NEW CANDIDATES: Why should voters consider you?

I have spent thousands of hours in our Chandler neighborhoods and with the community over the last few years, working to understand what our residents want, as well as formulating ideas for the future. I have held senior executive roles in large and mid-sized companies, led numerous initiatives in large complex environments and have created shareholder value. I believe that I have an accurate perception of what our Chandler residents want, and can be a driving force in the continued success of Chandler.

FOR INCUMBENTS: What initiative do you most regret not getting done and why didn’t it?

FOR NEW CANDIDATES: What would you bring to City Council that it doesn’t have now?

I have held executive level positions in finance in both large and mid-sized publicly traded corporations. I also have non-profit experience as a volunteer, a board member, and an employee. Over the years I have developed the ability to effectively deal with acutely complex situations that include industry, business, and human capital challenges, and the combination thereof. The City of Chandler is a complex organization. I believe that I can effectively lead in a collaborative manner in order to build upon our city’s track record of excellence.

What is the biggest challenge facing Chandler over the next five years?

There are two concerns that come to mind. (1) Recession will occur at some point in the future, we need to plan ahead to mitigate any acute effects as best as possible. (2) We must avoid complacency in assuming that anyone can be effective on City Council. Because we are a premier city, it can be easy to sit back and enjoy our successes, which are well deserved. I am uniquely qualified because of my background and proven track record of success. I have been tested in practical business areas where most of my competitors have not.

What are your three primary goals if you are elected?

Maintain our AAA bond rating! – It is our safeguard against many financial threats to the city. We have been able to try new concepts and take calculated risks while maintaining our infrastructure.

Support Public Safety- Chandler is near a 50 year low in violent crime. Chandler PD and first responders have done exceptional work. Criminals are more sophisticated which requires our Cyber Crimes unit to upgrade technology and enhance skills.

Support small business as part of a business friendly community – Every large company started in someone’s garage or at the kitchen table. Let’s continue to create an environment where small businesses are formed.

How can Chandler best sustain the high quality of life it currently enjoys?

My campaign puts people first. Our residents can live anywhere in the valley that they choose. They chose Chandler! That’s why I spend time each day talking with neighbors about their community. If we listen they’ll share with us their needs, their dreams, and the ways they would like to see Chandler develop. As a public servant, my role is to ask myself and leadership, what is the intrinsic value of any given idea for our city and its neighborhoods. In addition, there must always be a high level of transparency in government. This brings trust to the institution. Please join me as we move Chandler forward!

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