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Primary Election – Rene Lopez

June 28th, 2018 development
Primary Election – Rene Lopez

Name:  Rene Lopez

Age: 46

Educational Background: B.S. Nuclear Engineering from University of Arizona

Current employer/job: Avnet; Sr. Project Manager

Immediate Family (spouse’s name/number of children):  Jessica Lopez (wife); Brianna Lopez (Daughter); Andrew (son);

Year you moved to Chandler: 2007

Last book read:

Most favorite annual event in Chandler: Southwest Cajun Festival

Most favorite spot in Chandler: So many for different reasons.


Why are you running for or seeking another term on City Council?

I am running to continue our successes from the last 4 years.  I ran initially to keep Chandler running as well as it has been for the last couple decades.  I help lead our city to exceed my own expectations.  Chandler has not just maintained our fiscal and pragmatic approach to delivering services and quality of life amenities, but has expanded our tax base, employment corridors and now our Downtown is growing by leaps and bounds.

FOR INCUMBENTS: Briefly explain your three most significant accomplishments.

I believe our financial stability and increased efficiencies is the most significant accomplishment that all other successes build from.  We lowered the city portion of the property tax 3 years in a row.  We lowered our annual operating expenses for the last 2 years, 6.3% this year alone.

This leads to the large influx of high paying job growth we have seen including organic growth and new companies coming in.

Third, with increased efficiency and a growing tax base, we continue to invest in and grow our public safety sectors to maintain our safest cities status.

FOR NEW CANDIDATES: Why should voters consider you?

FOR INCUMBENTS: What initiative do you most regret not getting done and why didn’t it?

I have met all the goals I set forth to accomplish in my first term.  By meeting with councilmembers and staff prior to coming on, I had set realistic and achievable goals.  Through team work and commitment, we discovered innovative ways to improve efficiencies to continue an effective delivery of services, and able to expand parks and public safety along the way.

FOR NEW CANDIDATES: What would you bring to City Council that it doesn’t have now?

What is the biggest challenge facing Chandler over the next five years?

As we transition from Build-out to Build-up, we need to ensure we maintain our history and identity.  We still have some high growth and elevated construction in designated areas such as Downtown, Uptown, Price Rd. corridor and our Airport per our General Plan, however, we need to ensure this growth follows what our residents desire in these designated areas while our more “rural” areas stay spacious and why people moved to Chandler in the first place.

What are your three primary goals if you are elected?

My goals continue to be the same.  Keep Chandler the greatest city to work, live, play and thrive in.  I will do this by working with the Mayor, fellow councilmembers and staff, to dig deeper, innovate, and listen to experts and residents to find more efficiencies.  By maintaining our extremely high credit rating; AAA from all three major credit rating bureaus; and strong fiscal responsibility, we will attract more businesses with higher paying jobs and more community minded residents that want to keep Chandler the best place to raise a family, engage with neighbors, and contribute to our future success.

How can Chandler best sustain the high quality of life it currently enjoys?

We will do this by staying fiscally responsible and listening to our residents.  Through collaboration with our Chamber of Commerce, community partners in education and non-profits, and staying connected with our residents, we can ensure we exceed expectations in service and amenities.  By all of us committing to the success of Chandler above personal agenda or self-interest, Chandler will continue to be a shining example in the East Valley, and even the whole United States.