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Primary Election – Matt Orlando

June 28th, 2018 development
Primary Election – Matt Orlando

Name:  Matt Orlando

Age: 62

Educational background: MBA, Golden Gate University; BA, Rutgers University, NJ

Current employer:  Retired from Honeywell; Retired Colonel, USAF

Immediate Family:  Pat, my wife of 40 years, 3 children and 2 grandchildren

Year Moved to Chandler:  1983

Last Book Read:   Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit

Most Favorite annual event in Chandler: Tumbleweed Tree Lighting and Parade of      Lights

Most favorite spot in Chandler: Tumbleweed Recreation Center

Why are you running for or seeking another term on City Council?

Chandler is a first-class community.  My vision is to make Chandler a world-class community with top-notch public safety, an educated workforce, plenty of green spaces, a vibrant and sustainable downtown/entertainment districts, additional cultural attraction and a high-capacity transportation system.  We can achieve all this by continuing sound fiscal policies I and others put in place many years ago, expanding and enhancing public-private partnerships and closer working relationships with our educators.  Of course, we need to ensure we provide a forum for open communication and dialogue with all citizens.

Why should voters consider you?

The quality of life that we enjoy today is due to the smart planning, programs, infrastructure and economic policies that I and others have put in place over many years. I want to utilize my experience, knowledge and leadership skills gained from 17 years (1990-98 and 2004-13) of service on the Chandler City Council, 30 years of military service, and 33 years of increasing management responsibilities at high-tech companies to ensure Chandler’s great quality of life continues.  I will work to ensure safe, sustainable, and strong neighborhoods and to improve police and fire fighters’ response times.

What would you bring to the City Council that it doesn’t have now?

Having the advantage of previous council experience, I can start representing Chandler’s citizens and business organizations on day one. I already have long term relationships with regional leaders and institutions allowing me to convincingly move Chandler’s policy agenda forward. I have a trusted and proven record of working with citizens to solve issues that affect their neighborhoods. Most importantly, I am an independent thinker, open communicator and problem solver who knows how to work with all stakeholders to seek solutions to issues that challenge or afford opportunities for our city.

What is the biggest challenge facing Chandler over the next five years?

I’m running again for Chandler City Council to ensure we maintain our quality of life. Chandler is competing with many communities for employment opportunities ensuring a superior quality of life will be our discriminator.  I will push to accelerate hiring additional sworn officers for our streets and schools, build aggressive economic development activities to create jobs, enhance and preserve existing neighborhoods, expand our parks and recreational programs, accelerate planning for sports complexes, add sound sustainability programs for our city and increase creative partnerships with schools and private entities to save tax payers dollars.

What are your three primary goals if you are elected?

Public safety must be a top priority, again.  We need additional police officers to keep pace with our population and business growth in Chandler and make schools safer by hiring additional resource officers.

I will seek new uses for failed retail corners and create housing policies that align with genuine needs of the neighborhoods.  I will expand parks and recreational programs for our youth

I will work with the business community and city planners to create a positive environment for Chandler’s future business partners and continue to diversify Chandler’s economic base while supporting existing local businesses in their expansion plans.

How can Chandler best sustain the high quality of life it currently enjoys?

As a former Council Member, I supported or led many activities that benefited and “laid the foundation” for the quality of life that we enjoy today.

We must build on our past successes, continue the sound economic policies to protect and enhance Chandler’s tax base and promote a strong economic development environment. With smarter growth initiatives we can preserve and revitalize existing neighborhoods and refresh and expand our parks and recreational programs, while remaining firm in our commitment to protect key employment and business centers.