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‘It’s OK to Not Be OK’ for Fairy Bones

July 20th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
‘It’s OK to Not Be OK’ for Fairy Bones

By mckayla hull

GETOUT Contributing Writer

Whether it’s through social media or her music with Tempe-based Fairy Bones, guitarist-singer Chelsey Louise isn’t afraid to share her struggles with mental illness.

“I’m trying really hard to live a happy life and a positive life, and I don’t always win, but I try (to share positivity) on Instagram and Facebook,” said Louise, who was recently diagnosed as bipolar.

“I have a good number of followers and I don’t want to be depressed all the time. I want to give them good ways to deal and I want them know it’s OK to not be OK.”

The video for Fairy Bones’ anger-infused single “Incapable,” featuring Valley dancer Madison MacDonald, is about “being in a relationship where you’re the one who’s depressed. You’re the one who’s sad and they don’t understand. I think it’s pretty universally relatable in terms of content,” Louise said.

“The premise of the video was simple: When you suffer from depression, sometimes seemingly easy tasks, like getting out of bed, having a shower or making food, are like climbing Mount Everest. Madison and I wanted to portray that struggle through dance, and that’s exactly what she did.”

The video was created by an all-female team including MacDonald; Louise as producer; Rachael Smith, director of photography, RaySquared Photography; and Ashli Scott, assistant. It was shot at Sneaky Big Studios in Scottsdale.

“Incapable” is from the four-piece band’s sophomore album, 0% FUN, which was released in February. The collection also spawned “No One Can Suffer Like I Can” and “Killing Me.” Louise said the album touches on “themes of anxiety, depression and the pressures of maintaining the perfect Instagram façade. 0% Fun inadvertently echoed the same thoughts and feelings felt around the nation throughout 2017.

“We’re made to continue to work until we die and I think that sucks. It’s reality, though. We’re all poor,” Louise said about the struggles and pressures of millennials.

In Fairy Bones, Louise is joined by guitarist Robert Ciuca, bassist Ben Foos and drummer Matthew Foos. Louise and Ciuca have been friends for 11 years and found Matthew Foos via Craigslist. He later recruited his brother, Ben.

“I think it worked really well because it was like two halves becoming a whole,” Louise said.

Fairy Bones’ 2015 debut album, Dramabot, saw band members switching instruments, which led to a less cohesive sound, according to Louise. That’s been improved with 0% Fun. Set to play the Four Peaks Oktoberfest, Fairy Bones will release videos for each of 0% Fun’s nine songs by December.

Louise hopes fans can relate to the lyrics on any of their songs.

“I’m a pretty self-aware person, but when you’re bipolar, sometimes you’re even surprised by some of the things coming out of your own mouth,” she said.

“Your brain is telling you to stop, but it’s somehow difficult. It’s like blind rage. When I realized something was wrong I reached out for help. I know that’s a tough decision for some people, but I wanted to be a good example for anyone struggling. Help is nothing to be ashamed of.”

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