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Chandler is a premier model for fiscal management

August 6th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Chandler is a premier model for fiscal management


Chandler is in an elite class of cities across the nation that has the coveted AAA rating by the big three bond rating agencies; Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch.

Having strong fiscal management insures us at a greater level against a downturn in the economy. It also allows Chandler residents to continue to have the great services provided by the city.

Notice the trend in cities that declare bankruptcy or are poorly managed from a financial perspective. Crime rates tend to increase due to a lack of police protection caused by either layoffs or attrition. Mortality rates tend to increase due to slower response times from emergency medical personnel. More social issues occur as an outcome of these issues.

Contrarily, Chandler’s most recent addition of our new Fire Station #11 helps to reduce response times that provide aid and save lives.

Chandler works to expand and invest in innovative ideas. This incentivizes inventors, creators and other entrepreneurs to take a serious look at the merits of doing business in Chandler.

The effects, both direct and indirect, ripple throughout the community via an expanding economy. This brings growth that includes job creation, industry expansion in both for- and nonprofit sectors, expansion of services offered and an overall enhancement of the quality of lifestyle in Chandler.

Our current growth in Chandler shows these elements as we continue to move forward.

While we move into the future, we must continue to apply sound and prudent financial policies that have helped to make Chandler one of the greatest cities in America today.

Please join me as we move Chandler forward together.