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I support our public safety professionals

August 6th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
I support our public safety professionals

By Terry Roe


I have spent the past three and a half years serving as a Chandler city council member. I consider it a great honor, and I look forward to serving a second

and final term.

So, what’s best for Chandler?

First of all, Chandler’s practice of maintaining impeccable finances is something I’m committed to. Building important cash reserves and maintaining an enviable AAA bond rating is one of the most important things Chandler does right. Keeping taxes low and spending less is music to my ears.

Chandler should always be committed to providing the best public safety. If folks feel safe then they can spend their time moving toward realizing their own ambitions.

I have real world experience on the importance of public safety in a community. I worked for 20 years as a police officer and retired as a police sergeant from the Mesa Police Department.

I support our public safety professionals. I want them to have the best equipment and I want them fairly compensated for their commitment to the safety of our businesses, homes and schools.

Of course, there are too many priorities to mention in this article, but folks should know I am supportive of maintaining vital infrastructure including more than 60 parks, 2,000 lane miles of streets, water treatment facilities and more.

Additionally, I want to protect the Price Corridor from projects it was never intended for, and see our senior center upgraded in order to meet an increasing demand for services.

A city the size of Chandler has so many critical functions. It just makes sense that we put our trust in the many talented employees who are out there getting the job done for all of us.

Our city manager, Marsha Reed, leads the city and our valued employees. We meet regularly, and I always take the opportunity to share my ideas and or concerns on what’s happening in Chandler. I see real value in our meetings. Good communication has a way of solving issues before they become problems.

In addition to being on the Chandler council I also volunteer with several nonprofit organizations. I plan to continue my involvement with the Chandler Branch of the Salvation Army, the Chandler Coalition dealing with youth substance abuse, the Chandler Kiwanis Club, and the Silent Witness Program.

Charity organizations do so many good things in our community. I am thankful for those who volunteer or willingly give to support their efforts.

Chandler continues to be one of the most popular cities for folks to locate. I want to keep it that way.

How can that happen? The business community, families, seniors, schools, nonprofits, and other concerns coming together to Implement new ideas and adopt the best practices.

It’s how Chandler operates and it works.