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New novelist blends faith, suspense in mysteries

August 6th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
New novelist blends faith, suspense in mysteries

By Colleen Sparks, Managing Editor


A Chandler woman’s second novel merges her personal experiences in the Mormon faith with mystery, suspense and romance.

Adele Doreen Sabbah, who uses the name A.D. Sabbah, wrote “Michael Pallas: The Mormon Case 2 Hollywood,” which Dorrance Publishing Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recently published. The book is the sequel to Sabbah’s “Michael Pallas: The Mormon Case.”

In her first book, Michael Pallas, a detective, is hired by a wealthy, powerful man to protect a Mormon girl, Dory Thompson, who has witnessed a murder.

The job becomes difficult and Dory and Pallas develop romantic feelings for each other.

In “Michael Pallas: The Mormon Case 2 Hollywood,” Pallas is dead after saving Dory’s life and Dory channels her grief into a novel commemorating their love.

A movie studio decides to make a film adaptation of Dory’s novel and in the process, Dory becomes drawn to Mark Colley, the handsome actor portraying the role of Michael. People on the movie set are not all who they appear to be, including the executives who are making the film.

Dory becomes the main character in a dangerous and chilling adventure that will threaten her spiritual and physical life.

Sabbah, 66, who joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was 19, said her first novel has many similarities to her real life.

“There’s a great deal of my own life in the story, but I don’t tell people how much of it is actually true experience,” she said. “It takes place in 1965 in Los Angeles. It was a setting that was appropriate for Detective Michael Pallas. It’s mystery and suspense. There is romance involved but it is not a romance novel.”

“The reason it’s called ‘The Mormon Case’ is because the protagonist is a Mormon,” she said. “Obviously there are little snippets of references to the Mormon faith but they’re very small.

“They’re written very simply and they’re very clean so that old and young and people for whom English is a second language shouldn’t find them difficult to read. That’s why I’ve written under my initials.

“Some men feel if a book has been written by a woman that it is a romance novel and they really aren’t. Both men and women would enjoy it equally. People of the older generation will understand some of the historical references easily. There are good lessons involved in the story as well.”

Sabbah said her books are “very tame compared to what you might call the general taste” and would be appropriate for children as young as 12.

While her faith is part of her writing, she said her novels are written in a way “as to not seem preachy.”

“The other people of my faith that I know have…received them very well,” Sabbah said. “People who are not of my faith have also received them well.”

She said her parents were not religious but her mother did send her to Lutheran Sunday school as a young girl. Sabbah said she was searching for “religious truth” and discovered a book by the founder of the LDS Church.

“I had the feeling that I had found the truth,” she said.

Sabbah and her husband moved from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Arizona in 1990 after her husband got a new job. Her husband and their two adult sons, one of whom lives in Gilbert, are electrical engineers.

She said she did not start writing her first book until about three years ago and had not even read fiction since she was a young girl.

“I’ve never taken a writing class,” Sabbah said. “I just had a remarkable and highly personable story to tell and I put it down as best I could.”

She is planning to write a third book and after that is published, might send proposals to officials in the entertainment industry to see if they would like to turn her books or ideas from her novels into a TV program or movie.

Sabbah’s novels can be bought on and at

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Chandler author Adele Doreen Sabbah uses the penname A.D. Sabbah.

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