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Return trusted, experienced leader to Council

August 7th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Return trusted, experienced leader to Council

By Matt Orlando


I’ve lived in Chandler for 35 years with my wife, Pat, and we started our family here after I left active duty from the Air Force. My children were raised here and attended the Chandler Public Schools, followed by Arizona’s public universities.

I served a total of 30 years in both active duty and the AZ Air National Guard. I retired from service to our country and Arizona as a colonel. I’ve had a business career in a number of high-technology companies and served for 17 years as city councilmember.

The quality of life we enjoy today is thanks to the smart planning and economic policies I and others put in place over many years. I’m running again for Council to make sure those efforts continue and expand.

My vision is to continue to make Chandler a world-class community! World-class communities have top-notch public safety, an educated workforce; lots of green spaces and cultural attractions, vibrant and sustainable downtown/entertainment districts, and a high-capacity transportation system that connects employees and goods to business nodes.

My priorities for the next four years are:

Public safety and schools

I will make public safety a top priority, again. We need to hire additional police officers to keep pace with our population and business growth as well as create a more robust community-based policing program. I will work with our schools to hire additional public safety resources.

Neighborhoods and quality of life

I want to evaluate where high-density housing makes the most sense in our community and seek additional usage for infill projects. I’ll work with business leaders and city planners to find new uses for failed or vacant retail corners and assist in making them happen.

I will expand smarter growth initiatives to preserve and revitalize existing neighborhoods. Finally, I will expand our parks and recreational programs and facilities for our youth.

Economic development

I will plan for Chandler’s future business partners by working with our schools, business community, city planners and citizens to create a positive environment for job growth.

I will continue to diversify Chandler’s economic base while supporting existing local businesses in their expansion plans and efforts. Finally, I will continue and refine the sound economic policies I helped implement while serving on previous city councils in order to protect and enhance Chandler’s tax base and promote a strong economic development environment.

With the advantage of previous council experience, I can start representing you and our business organizations on day one. I already have long-term relationships with regional leaders and institutions allowing me to convincingly move Chandler’s policy agenda forward.

I have a trusted and proven record of working with residents to solve issues that affect their neighborhoods. My strengths are being an independent thinker, open communicator and problem solver who benefited Chandler.

Over the years I have earned your trust. Please vote to return me to the city council so I can continue to work for you and make Chandler an even better and safer place to live and work.