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Voters will consider Proposition 408 – Home Rule Option

August 7th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Voters will consider Proposition 408 – Home Rule Option

By City of Chandler


A Home Rule election is held every four years in Chandler and has been approved by voters each time.

With the passage of Proposition 408, the Chandler City Council would continue to establish Chandler’s annual budget, rather than using a state-mandated formula developed in 1980, which is based upon inflation and a community’s population.

The formula-based spending limit does not take into consideration the varying service levels and programs provided to citizens by a city or town.

For this reason, the State Constitution allows voters of a municipality to approve a Local Alternative Expenditure Limitation, or “Home Rule” option. This option allows a city or town to adopt its own budget limits based on local needs, service levels and available resources.

It is important to note that the Home Rule Option is not an increase or decrease in tax rates. Funding estimates are based on existing income sources that Chandler already receives.

These income sources would continue to be received by the city under the state-imposed budget limit but could not be spent in the full delivery of services to the community.

A “yes” vote on Home Rule will allow Chandler to continue to set its own budget spending limits locally via the public budget adoption process.

A “no” vote would limit the city’s expenditures to the state-imposed formula limit, resulting in a 21 percent reduction (approximately $120 million) in spending authority for city services, even though the revenue still will be received.

Such a reduction would translate into a severe reduction in services for programs, such as police, parks and roads.