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Combining innovation, independence and experience

August 18th, 2018 development
Combining innovation, independence and experience



Since I started my campaign for Chandler City Council over 11 months ago, I have had the privilege of speaking to several thousand residents about my vision for Chandler. I have answered a myriad of questions and I want I share some of the most frequently asked questions with you.

Why did you get off the Council?

Chandler has term limits for its elected officials: two four-year terms separated by at least four years before a former council member may seek another term.

What would you bring to the City Council that it doesn’t have now?

Having the advantage of previous council experience, I can start representing Chandler’s citizens and business organizations on day one. I already have long-term relationships with regional leaders and institutions allowing me to convincingly move Chandler’s policy agenda forward.

I have a trusted and proven record of working with citizens to solve issues that affect their neighborhoods. Most importantly, I am an independent thinker, open communicator, and problem solver who knows how to work with all stakeholders to seek solutions to issues that challenge or afford opportunities for our city.

What are the greatest opportunities and challenges facing the community?

In a nut shell: maintaining and enhancing Chandler’s quality of life. Our city is competing with many cities for employment opportunities. I supported or led the activities that “laid the foundation” for ensuring a better quality of life that will be Chandler’s positive discriminator. I’m running again for Council to make sure those efforts continue and expand.

I will push to accelerate hiring the additional police for our streets and schools needed to meet our growing population, build aggressive economic development activities to create jobs, enhance and preserve existing neighborhoods, expand our parks and recreational programs, accelerate planning for youth sports complexes, add sound sustainability programs for our city, and increase creative partnerships with schools and private entities to save tax payers dollars.

I will seek new uses for failed retail corners and create housing policies that align with genuine needs of our neighborhoods and continue the sound economic policies that I and others put in place to protect our tax base.

Do we have too many multifamily/apartments units?  What about affordable housing?

I think the broader question is do we have updated and sensible guidelines for our housing planning for the future? Chandler is entering its “build-out” phase, and there are few remaining parcels of land available for the large master-planned communities we’ve seen in the past.

Today much of the high-density housing developments are on smaller “in-fill” parcels scattered throughout our city. I will work hard with city planners and home builders to encourage more diverse, creative, and innovative housing designs for first-time home buyers in our city.

I have additional questions and answers on my website:

Now I have a question for you the voter?  For over 17 years you trusted me to make Chandler a great place to live. Can I count on your continued trust and vote?

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