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Company aims to help job hunters find ideal fit

September 5th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Company aims to help job hunters find ideal fit

By Colleen Sparks, Managing Editor

Searching for a job online can be frustrating and time-consuming, but a new Chandler company is promising to make it easier for candidates to put their best foot forward and land an ideal position., which will officially launch Oct. 15, aims to make it simpler for candidates to connect with vetted recruiters in a confidential setting where they can find a company where their skills and personality will be a good match, according to LT Ladino Bryson, CEO, chief marketing officer and founder.

“Our site is specifically a subscription-based site for candidates and recruiters only,” Ladino Bryson said. “The candidates go on, they create their profile; it’s very extensive with reference checks, background checks, personality tests, videos. They’re looking for not a job, but a career and lifestyle.”

“Vcounselors” will help candidates put their profiles together, she said.

“Our goal is to build up candidates,” Ladino Bryson said. “They call me the employment therapist. My job is to make it as easy as possible. It really puts the control of the hiring process in the candidates’ hands.”

A basic membership for job candidates is $50 one time to sign-up and $15 a month while a premium membership will be $175 to sign-up and $15 a month.

Premium members will have a background check performed on them that will be presented to the potential employer.

Recruiters will pay $299 a month to subscribe to, which Ladino Bryson said is much less than other job-finding sites that charge recruiters at least twice that amount for subscriptions.

A pre-sale will allow the first 500 recruiters who sign-up for a subscription to to pay $250 per month and be locked into that rate if they register by the end of this month.

Ladino Bryson said she has a database of more than 20,000 job candidates from across the country as of Aug. 21.

Candidates with basic and premium memberships take personality tests and answer “culture-fit” questionnaires to determine if they are “like-minded” and would “fit into company culture” at a particular business, Ladino Bryson said.

Job seekers can also submit up to four resumes to reveal their diverse abilities and experiences in case they are open to applying for different types of positions.

The site is tailored to people who want to earn at least $19 an hour or at least $40,000 a year.

The Internet is full of job scams, including people offering what are fake jobs or advertising fake companies and asking for personal information including Social Security numbers or payments to try to steal identities, profiles and money. carefully screens those seeking positions to ensure the recruiters are legitimate, Ladino Bryson said.

“They’re going to get a confidential platform, the confidence of knowing the person looking at their information has been vetted, too, and is a viable recruiter,” she said. also offers what it calls vUniversity, an online learning and information center for anyone seeking a position and the recruiters.

Webinars will include free viewings and paid viewing events aimed at developing confident candidates who show appropriate behaviors during the hiring process.

The website will also house information on free online programs that accredited learning centers provide. The learning center will also have blogs, articles and messages from hiring professionals, as well as trainers including question-and-answer events with Ladino Bryson.

The company also has the “vCan Manager,” an employment relationship manager that acts as a communication manager between recruiters and candidates.

It automatically tracks the screening, search, communication and presentation process and is also the name of the company’s mobile app.

The “vCan Manager” allows for sending messages and providing notifications, offers automatic interaction with the interview calendar and automatically updates the interview pipeline and presentation method, as well as delivers real-time process notifications.

Candidates will receive “clear communication as to where they are in the interview process,” according to

Recruiters can create and pre-load response emails to be sent to job seekers as recruiters update their interest in the candidate without having to remember to send the emails manually.

Candidates will be able to apply for scholarships through to help pay for classes to help them earn certifications, starting six months after the company launches. Those certifications can help them get job offers.

Longtime recruiter Melanie Crouch is going to use

A recruiter for 19 years, she is a friend of Ladino Bryson and said is “phenomenal and brilliant for the recruiting industry.” Crouch owns a recruiting company Triple P and lives in Sierra Vista but plans to base her business out of Chandler.

“It’s not a job board,” Crouch said. “It’s beyond comparable to any Indeed(.com) or She has brought these recruiters and these candidates together where they can actually relate together, communicate together in one area. It’s something this industry has been needing for many, many years.”

She said will save recruiters time and “the one thing that’s the most important is time management and organization.”

“With this tool, you’re able to communicate with your client and the recruiter and the candidate and get that set up in a timely manner,” Crouch said, adding:

“It’s really nice and the portal is so user-friendly for anybody to use. It’s really, really grand for the candidates. Candidates are the key to the recruiting industry.”

She added the website also will give “passive candidates” – those who have a job but are searching for another position – more privacy.

Crouch also praised Ladino Bryson, who has been recruiting job candidates since 2012. Ladino Bryson said she has placed more than 600 job candidates.

“LT is a very well-organized individual with a special heart,” Crouch said. “She really has love for this industry and cares enough about it to create something like this to share with the people. It’s gonna explode. She’s gonna do really well.”

Ladino Bryson is happy to run her business in Chandler.

“I think it’s a thriving city,” she said. “It’s got a lot of great companies there. I have love for Chandler.”


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