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East Valley’s Lydia ties one on with ‘Liquor’

September 14th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
East Valley’s Lydia ties one on with ‘Liquor’

By Mckayla Hull, Contributor

The East Valley-based musicians in the indie rock band Lydia say if they were making music for their old fans, they wouldn’t have any listeners left.

“It’s so incredible how fans have stuck with us from the get-go, and how they’re still here,” said pianist Matt Keller. “But at the same time, I feel like we wouldn’t have anybody still here if we were just trying to make music for the old fans. We’re not going to pretend to play some other kind of music so that somebody is happy. We won’t be happy.”

Lydia’s newest member, guitarist Shawn Strader, added, “I made a very active decision to not play into how Lydia used to sound.”

Formed in 2003 by front man and guitarist Leighton Antelman, Lydia went through a few band/touring members and settled on Keller, Strader and Antelman as the core group.

On July 13, the trio released its 10-song album, “Liquor,” which features the track “Sunlight” and the first single, “Goodside,” an experimental take on the band’s emo-tinged indie folk.

“People expect us to be a certain way because our music is soft, sensitive and real,” Keller said. “At the same time, it’s that way because in real life we’re not the type to express our feelings to people and get all deep. If somebody wants to get deep with us, we’re going to say, ‘Later.’

“It’s the music you make, at least that’s how we all operate.”

“Liquor” recalled the band members’ lives over the past two to five years, according to Strader.

“Sometimes you live as a musician, or an artist, or a writer, or just a human, and the things you experienced don’t surface until a lot longer,” he said. “This record brought out a lot.”

Keller said the biggest inspiration for him on the band’s seventh record was the musicians’ unwillingness to settle.

“If somebody was not happy, somebody spoke up,” he said.

Antelman expects his bandmates to talk things out during the writing process.

“I fall on the Kanye side: If no one is talking about it, we should be worried.”

Strader agrees, saying the band strives to create a record that’s going to be heard.

“I just want the album to elicit some sort of reaction from somebody, even if it is hatred,” Keller said.

With the release of “Liquor,” Lydia has headed out on the Liquor Tour with Phoenix-based Jared & The Mill and Los Angeles rockers Cherry Pools.

Keller said for this tour they are trying to step up production and “want to make it so that it’s incredible to see and feel for a new fan. We want to make it so that there’s a reason that the old fans continue coming back.”

Lydia was slated to play Lost Lake Festival, but the group now is without an Arizona show because that event was canceled. Keller added that there is a radius clause that prohibits a band from playing multiple shows within an area and time.

“If we played a show before Lost Lake, then our fans would come to our show and not come see us at Lost Lake,” Keller said.

Added Strader, “The truth is, we love Arizona and we love hometown shows, so there is stuff in the works.”

Kat Nijmeddin/Special for SanTan Sun News


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