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New micro-hospital to offer customized care

September 25th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
New micro-hospital to offer customized care

By Colleen Sparks, Managing Editor

An unusual, new hospital will aim to offer customized, comfortable care to patients in Ocotillo.

Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is planning its grand opening on Oct. 12 at 3050 S. Dobson Road and will tentatively start accepting patients Oct. 15.

This will be the first physician-owned and operated hospital in Arizona, chief operating officer Gwen G. Fulop said. Other than Fulop, all the other owners are board-certified, licensed emergency room doctors.

Fulop said the “revolutionary” physician-owned and operated micro-hospital “will change the face of healthcare.”

“Hospitals were established to deliver medical care in a hospitality fashion,” she said. “We at Phoenix ER and Medical Hospital believe in revitalizing this approach and embracing modern day technology to deliver state of the art medicine with a concierge style. We customize the plan based on the needs of our patient. We offer affordable solutions to low/mid level acuity patients. We offer our community passion for medicine and compassion for patients.”

The hospital will have eight emergency room beds and four inpatient-outpatient suites, Fulop said. She added the suites will have amenities like a “four-star hotel,” including beds for spouses or children of the patients to sleep in, full showers, “upgraded linens” and Tempur-Pedic beds.

The doctors who are owners in the hospital will be required to work at least six, 12-hour shifts per month, and the hospital is “completely independent” of any other investors, Fulop said.

Phoenix ER & Hospital will also have sophisticated, modern equipment including a 1.5 Toshiba/Canon MRI for full-service radiology. Fulop said the Toshiba/Canon device provides the best technology “on the computer side” and the “best photography,” releasing images that are “crystal clear.” The MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, will be processed faster than MRIs in other medical centers. For example, a patient will be able to have their brain imaged with an MRI in about half an hour compared to 45 minutes, a typical time in other machines, Fulop said. Patients will also be able to get CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds at the hospital.

An IV therapy room will allow patients to get a variety of treatments including hydration if they have pneumonia or vitamin B-12. An emergency department, Class B surgical procedure room and positive pressure IV compounding pharmacy will also be part of the new hospital.

“It’s very concierge level,” Fulop said. “We actually want patients to know that they have a choice; where you go and what services you get is in your control. We’re really excited to make patients our focus again and not money and protocol.”

The hospital is still hiring staff members. To learn more about Phoenix ER & Hospital, visit