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Subsidized Waymo To Downtown Chandler Offered

October 5th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Subsidized Waymo To Downtown Chandler Offered

By Colleen Sparks

Managing Editor

People looking for a cheaper way to get to downtown Chandler without having to take their own cars can check out a new savings program.

The Downtown Chandler Community Partnership and Waymo have kicked off a system that gives subsidized rides to thousands of eligible Waymo passengers when they are heading to downtown Chandler.

Waymo is a self-driving technology company with a mission of making it easy and safe for people and things to move around.

The downtown partnership mobilizes leaders and resources to boost the development of downtown Chandler as a regional destination for shopping, living, dining, culture and the arts.

The subsidized rides will be for one-way trips to downtown and the amount of the discount will depend on where the passenger is coming from, said Mary Murphy-Bessler, the partnership’s executive director. She said the discount would probably be around $5 off the usual price.

The passengers are eligible for the savings when they are signed up for Waymo’s Early Riders program. Early riders are able to use Waymo’s self-driving cars to travel to work, school and other areas, according to Waymo’s website.

“This has been in the works and in discussion for over a year,” Murphy-Bessler said. “We look at this as a fun and unique opportunity to be transported to downtown Chandler, and we’re encouraging that with subsidizing a one-way ticket.”

She said the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership is the first downtown in the country to partner with Waymo on this program.

She said the Waymo Early Riders savings ties in well with the City of Chandler’s recent agreement with Electric Cab North America, not to exceed $120,000 for a year, to provide electric cabs at any of the city’s downtown parking garages.

The free shuttle rides can also take people from any restaurant or other business to another location downtown.

“Once you’re here, you can grab an e-cab to get anywhere downtown,” Murphy-Bessler said. “It’s another transportation option.”

The Waymo Early Riders incentive is also a way to help people be responsible and not drive if they have consumed alcohol, she said. The program started Sept. 21.

Waymo was started on a Google moonshot mission to create self-driving car technology that could help decrease traffic deaths. Over the last decade, Waymo vehicles have been subjected to tough driving tests, completing over 9 million miles and thousands of complicated testing scenarios.

The partnership between the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership and Waymo gives passengers an opportunity to check out the many locally owned, unusual stores and restaurants in downtown Chandler.