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Our Community Deserves The Best School District In America

October 8th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Our Community Deserves The Best School District In America

By Robert Rice

Guest Writer

I believe CUSD is on the right track in preparing students for high school and adult life. In 2010, the district developed a comprehensive strategic plan now called Journey 2025.

This plan clearly defines the direction and goals of CUSD. It consists of twelve metrics that measure district performance in areas such as student academic performance, career and college readiness, graduation and dropout rates and district culture feedback from students, staff and the community to name a few.

CUSD also measures student success in community college and in the workforce after graduation. These goals are not static. They are reviewed every year and raised when the district consistently meets the current targets.

The Journey 2025 plan and yearly performance is prominently published on the district website to show the community district progress. The district and board welcome community feedback and involvement. Journey 2025 represents CUSD’s ultimate goal to become the best school district in America. This is not an easy goal and will require the help and support of our entire community.

I believe, however, that our community should have the best school district in America because our students deserve it, the CUSD staff deserves it and our community deserves it.

Evidence that the district is on the right track also comes from many outside sources. Niche.com has rated CUSD as the first- or second-best district in Arizona for the past several years.

Additionally, a recent Stanford study ranked CUSD as second out of 2,000 large school districts in America in student growth from 3rd to 8th grade. CUSD students also collect almost half of all the awards in the Arizona state-wide science fair each year.

These are just a few of the many accomplishments and recognitions CUSD has been awarded recently.

While CUSD excels in many areas, there is still room for improvement. Recently, the district studied the academic and discipline outcomes for various minority groups within CUSD. They found that although the outcomes were similar to state and national averages, they were not good enough for Chandler.

Just last month, the board established a comprehensive equity indicator within Journey 2025 to improve outcomes for all students. The board and administration realize that making significant improvements will require long, sustained effort to effect cultural change.

Also, like all other districts, CUSD faces the real challenges of student suicide and school safety. These are difficult cultural issues that are made even harder because of the diverse convictions of parents and community members about solutions.

These issues will require continuous focus, meaningful actions and community support and collaboration.

I am proud of the many accomplishments of CUSD, its students and staff. I am most proud however that the board, administration and staff of CUSD are dedicated to becoming the best school district in America.

I am honored to have been part of the board the past 16 years and to have played a role in developing Journey 2025. There are no districts in Arizona and very few nationally that have anything similar to the vision of Journey 2025.

With the support of the voters I hope to continue to serve and work to make Chandler Unified the best district in America.

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