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Sun Lakes Methodist To Hold Annual Cookie Walk

October 23rd, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Sun Lakes Methodist To Hold Annual Cookie Walk
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By Linda Gercken

Guest Writer

As cooler autumn days arrive, our church ladies fire up their ovens and begin baking holiday goodies.

On Saturday, Dec. 1, the Sun Lakes United Methodist Women will host their popular annual Cookie Walk and Candy Sale, beginning at 9 a.m. These homemade delicacies are available only once a year at the Cookie Walk; once the doors open, they go quickly.

Many people bring their friends or family members with them. Children particularly enjoy choosing their favorites.

The boxes of cookies and candy are not only delicious to share with your family, but make great gifts for hostesses, shut-in friends and our servicemen and women.

On Cookie Walk day, simply purchase an empty carry-out box, grab some disposable gloves and walk around tables filling your box from trays laden with festively decorated or family favorite cookies.

Stop at our candy shop to take home some fudge, peanut brittle or other holiday treats. Here you will also find an assortment of specialty bakery items, including gluten-free cookies.

Despite rising food costs, the prices remain the same as the last several years. Purchase a large, empty carry-out box for $10 and fill it to capacity. There’s only one rule: the lid must close. Peanut brittle is sold in small bags.

Other candy prices are $6 per pound and may be purchased in either half-pound or one-pound containers. All proceeds are donated to mission projects.

Sun Lakes United Methodist Church is located at 9248 E. Riggs Road, Lindsay Hall, adjacent to the east parking lot.