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Artist’s Murals To Reflect Changes At Overstreet Project

November 6th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Artist’s Murals To Reflect Changes At Overstreet Project

By Colleen Sparks

Managing Editor

As downtown Chandler enters a new stage, an artist is creating gigantic murals to highlight the highly anticipated Overstreet development.

The artist, who prefers to go by just his last name – Kasten – is painting colorful murals with spraypaint on the existing CenturyLink building in the Overstreet development.

The rest of the Overstreet project, currently under construction, will include Flix Brewhouse cinema as well as two restaurants – Camp Social and Over Easy – at Buffalo Street and Arizona Avenue.

Kasten, who began his career as an artist three years ago, used vintage floral wallpaper as his inspiration for the murals.

“I’ve been painting in very bright, vibrant colors,” he said. “I’ve always tried to play with doing something old and making it more relevant. They do the same thing throughout any of their developments,” Kasten said of LGE Design Build, which is the developer for the Overstreet project.

Kasten is incorporating a quote – “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas, anymore” – from the “Wizard of Oz” into the murals.

“The way that Chandler is growing and Chandler is changing, I wanted some way to incorporate it,” he said.

Kasten said most of the panels he is spraypainting are in “somewhat of a floral pattern” but one is abstract.

“I spraypaint directly onto the building,” he said. “Spraypaint is an easier way to cover a larger piece. I wanted something very vibrant and I wanted it to pop.”

Kasten is no stranger to creating art for local businesses. He created artwork for The Colony, another LGE Design Build development, in north-central Phoenix.

He also created a mural at Mora Italian restaurant, another LGE Design Build concept created in north-central Phoenix.

“We’ve had a long, great history with him,” LGE Design Build CEO David Sellers said. “We’re a big fan of his work. He always gets it done on time.”

Sellers said he believes the public will find the murals at Overstreet “beautiful.”

The building on which the murals are being painted is “not a very attractive” structure, Sellers said.

“We wanted to create something for the pedestrian walkability around the project,” he said. “The building has a series of almost picture frames in the stucco. We wanted something that tied into the movie industry, to the growth of the area. It’s just really a beautiful, colorful artwork across the project.”

Kasten said he expected to have the murals finished later this month.

A former Realtor, he discovered art when he was trying to decorate his home and he started designing and remodeling homes.

Also at Overstreet, a 350-spot parking garage is already open for the public. It is free and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Office space and local and national retailers will also be part of the Overstreet development.