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Chandler Man Scores Prize On ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

November 6th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Chandler Man Scores Prize On ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

By Colleen Sparks

Managing Editor

Carlos Parra of Chandler is thrilled to talk about his experience on the CBS daytime game show “Let’s Make a Deal” after the experience nearly left him speechless.

The 51-year-old U.S. Postal Service employee won a jet ski on the show, where audience members dress in zany costumes to try to get the attention of host Wayne Brady in order to get picked to make deals in a bid to win cash, trips and other prizes.

Parra was chosen to take part in the antics when he went to watch the show being taped in Van Nuys, California, with his son, Carlos Timothy Parra, 22, in May. The show where Carlos participated in the game aired Oct. 12.

Carlos dressed like an umpire in the audience, as he serves as an umpire for local high school baseball and Little League teams, and his son, who goes by Timothy, dressed like a baseball player.

He was excited and surprised when Brady, an actor, comedian and singer, chose him, along with two other audience members, to get involved in the deals.

“My son bumped me with his elbow and said, ‘I think we’re gonna be picked,’” Carlos said. “I just went there just to be with him and be on an actual TV show. The fourth game, he (Brady) wanted three people.

“He picked me. I’m like ‘oh, my gosh,’ so I jumped and shouted and clapped everybody’s hands. I was actually shell-shocked, TV-struck when they asked me where I’m from. I said I was a little bit shy. Wayne Brady said, ‘We’re all family here.’”

Brady presented Carlos and the other two audience members in on the action with envelopes, saying they either would find money inside or one of the unwelcome “Zonks,” which are junk or booby prizes.

Carlos said he got $600 but gave it up when given the option of seeing what was behind door number two, which could have been a prize or another “Zonk.” He said he chose door number two because he has two children: Timothy and his son, Adam, 17, a senior at Perry High School. Door number two revealed a trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Carlos had to make another choice – keep the Barcelona trip or give it up for what could be a bigger prize.

“My mouth was so dry I could barely speak,” he said. “I told him, ‘Look, Wayne, you guys get a lot of money.’”

Carlos decided to take a chance and let go of the Barcelona trip and he ended up with a jet ski.

“I’m happy that I got it,” he said. “I am going to sell it, put it on Facebook. We don’t go to the lake very often. I’d rather use (the proceeds) to pay off bills and maybe buy a new car.”

Carlos said Timothy was also pumped about the experience.

“He was happy for us and happy for me,” Carlos said. “It was just exciting to be there. You never know what’s gonna happen on that show.”

He called his wife, Eunice Parra, after the show taped to tell her what happened, but he said he was so excited he could barely speak.

“She goes, ‘You did not,’” Carlos said. “I go, ‘yeah, we won.’”

Carlos said he had watched bits and pieces of the show he was on but was planning to have a gathering at his home and invite relatives over to watch the whole episode together. Some of his friends at work have congratulated him about his success on the show.

“I was just going to hang around with my son and lo and behold they chose me,” Carlos said. “It was a dream come true because I remember watching it (the show) when I was a kid when I lived in California.”

He also spoke highly of Brady and the other audience members for the show.

“He really is a nice guy,” Carlos said. “He knows how to treat the people. He knows how to bring out your character. He’s a people person. He listens to you. Everybody is just super nice, from the time you get there, very hospitable. Everybody was friendly. They’re talkative, always asking where you’re from. I would do it again.”

He said the studio was small and it was “interesting how they produce” the show.

Carlos offered advice to anyone who wants to be picked to get on stage when in the audience at “Let’s Make a Deal.”

“You’ve just gotta be energetic, enthusiastic,” he said. “Just show that energy that they want. They want that spontaneous energy that comes out of people.”