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Hamilton Golfer Bae Has The Drive Of A Champion

November 8th, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Hamilton Golfer Bae Has The Drive Of A Champion
Sports and Recreation

By Julia Sorgie

STSN Contributing Writer

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, there are nearly 8 million students competing in high school athletics. About 480,000 of them move on to college competition.

Meet Hamilton High’s Jenny Bae, whose skills in golf position her to make the field.

Bae is among the most talented golfers in Arizona. After finishing third by 3 strokes last year as a sophomore in the Division I state tournament she is shooting to move up and possibly win the title as a junior.

To get there, a day in her life is pretty focused and scripted.

“Pretty much the same: I go to school, study, do my homework and study for it, and then I go and practice for three and a half hours,” Bae said.

Bae has been playing since she was 6, and competitively for the past five years.

“I knew she was a well-known player,” said Jackie Walker, Hamilton golf coach, who is new to the program this season. “She is very disciplined and consistent. She’s golf all the way.”

Upon meeting Bae and seeing her work during practice, her focus on her game and commitment to her team were obvious to Walker right away.

“When she’s not golfing with us, she’s usually golfing on her own,” Walker said. “She comes out to the course a little earlier before practice. She’s focused and definitely committed to putting in the time.”

Being a student-athlete is demanding. Balancing academics and athletics can be challenging, but Bae understands how to be successful in both.

“I always make sure I complete all my homework and study for it, and then I practice golf. It’s tiring,” she said.

Her work ethic pays off, and both her coach and teammates notice.

“She’s always grinding. If everybody’s talking during team practice, she’ll be hitting ball after ball after ball,” said teammate Victoria Stitt. “Sometimes, she’ll join in on conversation but she’s so focused on her game.

“She’s one of the best on the team and has a lot of respect for everybody.”

Bae’s example elevates her teammates’ play. While Bae isn’t sure if she will play golf in college, when Walker was asked about whether or not she could, the answer was a resounding, “Yes.”

Stitt envisions an even higher plane for her teammate.

“I hope she keeps going with golf and goes into the LPGA,” Stitt said.