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Businesses Aim For Nostalgia Around Holidays

December 3rd, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Businesses Aim For Nostalgia Around Holidays

By Colleen Sparks

Staff Writer

Businesses are aiming for shoppers’ hearts with warm and fuzzy advertisements this time of year.

They design ads that feature polar bears drinking Coca-Cola, families bonding over coffee and people surprising loved ones with cars as a way to get them to buy their products in the Christmas season.

The most memorable holiday ads rely largely on making viewers feel nostalgic, said Lanny Ward, creative director at Commit Agency in Chandler, a full-service digital, brand development and traditional advertising/marketing company.

“It’s kind of a dance a little bit between companies and their consumers because any marketing or any advertising efforts, any kind of messaging where you’re trying to evoke emotion, evoke loyalty, it’s always got to have a degree of emotion to it,” Ward said.

“Nostalgia is tied closely to our experiences,” he added. “It’s natural for people to try to remind people and touch on some things that they will react to based on their memories.

“We naturally will gravitate towards things that make us feel good and make it feel like the advertiser for the company understands them.”

Companies are hoping to tap into happy memories of waking up on Christmas morning to see presents under the tree, he said, adding they aim to recreate “anticipation and that awe.”

Creating brand loyalty is a fairly new trend among companies vying for customers, Ward said, because people do not want to “feel like they’re being sold to” but want to feel like a company understands and connects with them.

“You’re connecting your brand, which is who you are as a company with what your potential consumers believe in, as well,” Ward said. “It’s more of an agreement. People are too sensitive and too savvy; if they feel like they’re being sold to rather than understood, they’ll just disconnect.”

Disney and Macy’s also have “long-honored brands” with “deeper roots in memories,” Ward said.

Valley businesses and cities also team up to create fond Christmas experiences to attract visitors.

The City of Chandler constructs and sets up a huge tumbleweed tree downtown every year at Dr. A.J. Chandler Park. A tree lighting ceremony and Parade of Lights are held downtown to bring out community members. The decorations create a small-town feeling downtown and “make it real festive,” Ward said.

Ward recommends consumers try to make their holiday season “as meaningful as you possibly can.”

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