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Chandler Image Consultant Wraps Her Work In Faith

December 3rd, 2018 SanTan Sun News
Chandler Image Consultant Wraps Her Work In Faith

By Ellie Wendt


Elevate your image, expand your influence. These are the words Chandler entrepreneur Tabitha Dumas lives by.

She said she prides herself in being first a child of God, a mother of three, a blogger and a certified image consultant.

And her faith and her business are inextricably linked.

Dumas strives to provide women with a sense of assertiveness in the way they look as a foundation for self-assurance in other parts of their lives, such as achieving personal or career goals to finding peace in their purpose for their lives.

She gives God the credit in not only redeeming her life but also transforming the lives of others.

“I talk about your image and how you look, but it’s really about who God says you are because without that it doesn’t matter how you dress,” she said, adding:

“The best things in my life come from blogging. All the opportunities, all the stuff I do comes from some form of being online and [helping others].”

Dumas utilizes her passion for blogging and fashion in a way that inspires and educates women to design a life of “greater beauty, confidence and influence.”

Her road to discovering her passions and calling in life was not easy.

Before her blog, Dumas struggled with her self-image. She began her career as a teacher but was still unsure of her calling in life. As a Christian, Dumas said she knew God had a calling for her, but not knowing what that was left her feeling empty.

In 2008, Dumas had a miscarriage. After the birth of her first son, Dumas wanted to try for another but was met with unexpected trials. The reality of this miscarriage devastated her and left her not only questioning her faith but also her purpose for her life.

It was then Dumas decided to design a life she loved and began blogging.

“I said life is too short and I want to do what I love,” Dumas said.

She developed a blog in which she could pursue her passions and educate others all while remaining at home.

“She wanted to do something that could actually be useful and impact people but still be home with the babies,” said Drew Dumas, Tabitha Dumas’ husband.

In addition, blogging enabled her to share her testimony of faith and to come alongside others who struggle with their self-image.

“When you go through some stuff, you get ownership of it, and then you get to give it out and I love that,” Dumas said.

Because of her hardships and trials as a mother and a woman, in particular, she developed an eagerness to empower women and come alongside them in their struggle of self-worth.

Because of this, Dumas was inspired to start with one’s self-image in the form of attire and accessories.

“My grandmother did color analysis back in the ‘50s and it really intrigued me,” she said.

Dumas said she strongly believes the best way to develop self-confidence in a woman is to address their looks. So, she set out to attain a certification as an image consultant.

As an image consultant, Dumas accompanies women while shopping and helps design outfits and matches colors to not only pair with their looks, but their personalities and desired reputations as well.

Dumas also specializes in helping her clients find their “signature color” so they can build their unique brand or fashion statement.

“Her whole being and her whole purpose is about lifting others up,” said Anne Lopez, a client of Dumas and fellow blogger.

What began as a passion for fashion and a desire to pair women with colors and styles that brought confidence and beauty soon became a ministry and a true calling for her life.

“Life can break you apart, but God wants to put you back together,” Dumas said.

This idea of being put together ties into the way in which someone can be put together through their image in order to attain a feeling of completeness. This theme is prevalent not only in Dumas’ life but throughout her work and her blog as well.

“God has given me a way to reach ladies with a message that is important and is easily accepted because it’s clothes and accessories, and who doesn’t love that?” Dumas said.

Ellie Wendt/Contributor