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West Alley BBQ enjoys sweet taste of fame

December 27th, 2018 development
West Alley BBQ enjoys sweet taste of fame

By COLLEEN SPARKS, Managing Editor

A downtown Chandler barbecue restaurant sizzled on the small screen when a TV show featured the family-owned business with its Tennessee-style, slow-cooked meats and flavorful sauce on a recent episode.
West Alley BBQ was one of two restaurants profiled on “Man Fire Food,” a show on the Cooking Channel. On the episode that aired Nov. 28, show host Roger Mooking talked to Bardo Brantley, West Alley BBQ president and founder of the Chandler restaurant, as well as the West Alley BBQ in Jackson, Tennessee.
Mooking also mingled with West Alley BBQ’s longtime pit boss Jim Dandy, cooked with him and shared a meal with Dandy and Brantley.
Bardo’s son, Christian Brantley, is vice president of operations and also co-owner for West Alley BBQ in Chandler and in Jackson.
The West Alley BBQ in Chandler opened about a year ago to rave reviews; the family’s original restaurant has been a popular place to eat in Jackson for about five years.
Bardo and Dandy celebrated with a viewing and one-year-anniversary party that drew customers to the Chandler West Alley BBQ on Nov. 28 while Christian savored the restaurant’s fame hosting a viewing party in the Tennessee eatery that night.
“The producer called me,” Christian said. “I was actually sending out some stuff to different networks anyway. I was pretty surprised. I was just happy that they even considered us. We had to do a series of interviews and things of that nature. To be chosen, we’re blessed.”
In the episode, Mooking said, “it’s about the meat and the smoke” when describing West Alley BBQ. He talked about how “some of the best Tennessee-style barbecue is on the other side of the country” from Tennessee – in Chandler.
Christian said the “Man Fire Food” team “was very interested in the pit that we built and how we cook our meat.” The production crew spent two 16-hour shoots over two days at the Chandler restaurant, Christian said.
“Roger was amazing,” Christian said. “They were amazing people to work with. They were very helpful. Jim Dandy is the superstar. He did an amazing job and he was very cooperative. The customers are very excited as well.”
Dandy showed Mooking the large smokers in the patio. Mooking asked him how he learned to cook and Dandy said his father taught him.
“It’s in my blood,” Dandy said. “I started when I was 12.”
In the episode, Dandy showed Mooking how he used almond wood to cook.
“I really love these fruit and nut woods,” Mooking said. “It adds a different twang to the meat.”
He helped Dandy cook pork butts and ribs, and later the two men prepared a BBQ Jim Dandy sandwich, which has a toasted bun with a slice of deep-fried bologna topped with pulled pork, combined with creamy coleslaw and BBQ sauce. Mooking praised the flavorful BBQ Jim Dandy sandwich, calling the ribs “very succulent” with a “rich, smoky flavor.”
Bardo also told Mooking about his long history with Dandy. Bardo’s father used to take him to eat barbecue food Dandy’s father made at his shop in Tennessee.
West Alley BBQ in Chandler attracted more than 4,000 customers over the first 30 days it was open, Bardo said. The restaurant’s large menu offers a wide range of hearty meals with meats and poultry as well as Southern fried fish. It is also known for its live music.
Fans praised the local restaurant on the West Alley BBQ Chandler Facebook page.
“This was part of West Alley’s One Year Celebration!” Jackie Keeter posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “It was awesome to be there and play a small part!”
Many customers have also raved about the food and ambiance on the West Alley BBQ Facebook page.
“I think the overall experience was fantastic,” Price Karen D’Antonio wrote. “The owner & chef came over to greet us and asked how our meal was. It’s a very friendly and personable atmosphere. The food was delicious. We left very satisfied.”
Darrell Malone also showed love for West Alley BBQ in Chandler on Facebook.
“What a great fit in downtown Chandler!” Malone posted. “First off, the employees have great attitudes. Service was excellent. The 1/2 rack of ribs was full of flavor and cooked perfect. Green beans great and the vinegar slaw was strong but good. My partner in crime had the loaded baked potato, we shared and it was good. Good beer selection. The music was great, perfect for the scene.”
Information: westalleybbq.com

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