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Galeto Offers A Brazilian-Style Meat Lovers Heaven

January 8th, 2019 SanTan Sun News
Galeto Offers A Brazilian-Style Meat Lovers Heaven

By Colleen Sparks

Managing Editor

A new Brazilian steakhouse in Chandler gives diners a chance to feast on unlimited slices of beef, pork, lamb and homemade sausage delivered to the table in a family-friendly setting.

Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse opened on N. 54th St., just south of Ray Road in The Shoppes at Casa Paloma about a month ago, and customers are eating up the unusual restaurant experience.

In addition to a multitude of meats, diners can also try homemade salads, rice, beans, seafood and other flavorful hot and cold foods at a gourmet bar.

The Chandler restaurant is similar to other Brazilian steakhouses in the Valley including Rodizio Grill in Mesa and Fogo de Chao in Scottsdale. The first Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse opened in 2014 in Oakland, California.

A meat lover’s paradise, Galeto offers about 14 to 16 different cuts of meat served in what is called “rotisserie style,” said Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse president Eli Nascimento.

Gauchos deliver the meat in “continuous service” as long as customers have a token they are given flipped to the green side. When diners want a break, they can turn their token so the red side shows up. Each guest uses a tong to pull the piece of meat they want sliced and served by the gauchos.

“You have all the cuts at your disposal,” said Nascimento, a native Brazilian. “It’s a full experience. It’s fun; it’s interactive. You choose where to cut from and the temperature. It’s a heaven for meat lovers.”

Galeto offers the churrasco cooking technique, which Nascimento said is “the art of roasting larger chunks of meat over an open fire, open flame.”

The method is “good for flavors” and locks “in all the juices,” he said.

Nascimento said Galeto stands out from other local Brazilian restaurants for a few reasons, including the “authenticity” of the Brazilian experience, he said. The recipes are ones Nascimento said he and others grew up with in Brazil, and a Brazilian chef works at the Chandler restaurant.

“We want all our guests to have a trip to Brazil and back through the experience,” Nascimento said.

The service and ambiance also make it a special dining adventure, he added.

“I feel home when I’m at the restaurant and I try to create that same environment for everybody that works with us and for guests, as well,” Nascimento said. “I usually say when you’re walking through the doors of Galeto it’s a Brazilian zip code with the U.S. When you work you want to feel good.”

Customers can order the all-you-can-eat meats or full experience for $39.95 and that includes unlimited trips to the gourmet bar.

Ordering just the gourmet bar costs $36.95. Children ages birth to 5 years old eat free and those ages 6 to 12 are charged half price for the meats and gourmet bar.

The gourmet bar includes an array of seafood, including salmon, shrimp, tuna, mussels and lobster bisque as part of the overall price. Many other Brazilian steakhouse restaurants charge extra or à la carte prices for seafood, the Galeto team said.

The gourmet bar includes what Nascimento said is an authentic Brazilian potato salad made with “some sweet and crunchiness of the green apple” and with the potato cooked with its skin on it to “keep all the flavors of the potato in there.”

A charcuterie with imported, salt-cured meats includes prosciutto and salami. Eggplant Caponata – chopped fried eggplant mixed with fresh vegetables – and Galeto Feijoada – a black bean stew with a smoky flavor – are also on the gourmet bar menu.

Complimentary appetizers are served as soon as customers are seated. They include traditional cheese bread made with yucca roots starch that is gluten-free, a fried polenta and fried, breaded bananas.

Desserts include a Brazilian pudim, a specialty flan with creamy custard and caramel on top; and papaya cream, a blended ice cream and papaya served with Cassis liqueur.

Many customers praised the food and service at Galeto Steakhouse in Chandler on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“Amazing food, amazing staff, endless options!” Bryan Sawyer posted. “Nice addition to the Chandler-Ahwatukee area.”

Katelin Kalik said, “My husband took me to their soft opening for my birthday. What a wonderful experience. The food was absolutely amazing. We’ve been to a few Brazilian Steakhouses and Galeto is now our top choice.”

“It’s not just a restaurant, it is a culinary experience. The people were just as wonderful. Bartenders are friendly and know how to make the perfect martini,” she added, noting:

“The meat servers were very knowledgeable and answered our questions about the meat preparation. The set-up of the restaurant is just as elegant and breathtaking. Their art features the Brazilian cowboys. There is a glass wall between the grills and the dining area giving you a perfect view of the art of fire-roasting meats.

“There is a full glass wine room between the bar and dining area. They even have private dining rooms for events. It was an amazing night and we will definitely be going back for many more.”

Greg Miller posted, “The feijoada was perfect, the other offerings were great. … The meats were high quality and rotisserie cooked very expertly.”

Nascimento, who said he “always knew how to cook,” had previously opened a different Brazilian steakhouse in San Francisco in 2003 and another one in San Mateo, California, in 2010.

He said he and his business partner went separate ways and he sold his shares in the company with the goal of creating “an authentic Brazilian steakhouse again.” Previously, while he lived in Brazil he owned a different type of company and said he “always loved business.”

Nascimento, who lives in California, said things are going well at the Chandler restaurant, which has 60 employees, including several with ties to Brazil.

“Chandler is near home,” he said. “It’s right over here near California and I normally say that I didn’t (choose) the location, the location chose me and it was all orchestrated by the creator, by God. That location was right before me, the right timing. The city is growing. Chandler, it’s a fantastic city. It’s doing very well economically. It’s everything to love about it.”

Galeto Steakhouse is open from 5 to 9 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Information: