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Public Relations Firm Thrives, Celebrates Decade In Chandler

January 18th, 2019 SanTan Sun News
Public Relations Firm Thrives, Celebrates Decade In Chandler

By Colleen Sparks

Managing Editor

A public relations agency in Chandler known for hitting the ground running when it comes to generating recognition for its clients is starting its second decade in business.

Asylum Public Relations, which provides digital and print media services, marked its 10th anniversary last month.

The company offers media relations, brand building, content creation, social media, strategic thought leadership, as well as trade shows and events, among other work.

“Asylum is unique because we are what I like to call a rapid-results agency,” Jason Ovitt, CEO/founder of Asylum said. “We also service a broad range of industries nationally and internationally.”

Its clients include cyber security, outdoors, consumer products, information technology, fashion, consumer electronics, enterprise technology, food and beverage, B2B organizations, authors and industry experts, entertainment, and “the list goes on,” Ovitt said, adding:

“Because of our PR method, we are able to execute successful campaigns on behalf of our clients in all their varied industries. Oh, and we bring our dogs to work.”

Ovitt, who lives in Chandler, said Asylum’s headquarters at 1820 E. Ray Road opened in Chandler because of a client relationship in the Valley.

“It turned out to be a fortuitous move because of the access Chandler provides to nature,” he said. “I am an outdoor enthusiast and one of the reasons I wanted to start my own agency was the freedom to represent outdoor brands and other companies that align with my personal interests.

“Who better to do your PR than someone who uses your products? Living in Chandler gives me the opportunity to bike commute to work two to three times a week and take client gear up to the high country or out on a desert camping trip. This location makes it possible to blend an outdoor lifestyle with being an entrepreneur, something that is not possible in many big cities.”

Asylum expects to grow to 10 employees this year.

Running the company “has been a great experience,” Ovitt said.

“The business community is invested in the local community as a whole,” he said. “I am especially excited to be witnessing the development of the downtown Chandler core to add office space.

“The other ongoing ventures to grow and incubate local businesses and create opportunities for national and international corporations to have bases of operation in our backyard are exciting as well.”

Asylum put down its roots in traditional public relations, reinforcing its proficiency in print, television and radio over its ten years.

As the media climate has evolved from print to digital, the Chandler-based company has also evolved, Ovitt said.

The company creates each client strategy to reach a blend of traditional, digital and social media tailored to fit every client’s goals for brand building along with sales, the Asylum website said.

“Our approach to PR campaigns allows us to execute our strategies faster than other agencies, and as a result many of our clients begin to see coverage within the first month of work,” Ovitt said.

“We have been known to have clients completing media interviews even during our first week of work on an account. Of course, the right PR strategy is different for every business, but for many of our clients the faster they can see results, news coverage of their brand or products, the better.”

Ovitt is the former director of public relations for LifeLock, an identity theft protection company. He has a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Augustana College in Illinois.

One of Ovitt and Asylum’s clients is Mike Prusinski, who was previously Ovitt’s boss at LifeLock.

Prusinski said Ovitt was at a marketing firm in Chicago and he liked what Ovitt was doing so much as far as his marketing work that he hired him and moved him to the Phoenix area.

Ovitt brought some team members with him to the Valley and helped LifeLock get the company’s name into media headlines.

Now Ovitt has helped Prusinski company, BusyKid, an app youths use with help from parents to earn allowances when they do chores and then invest in stocks, put their money into savings or give money to charity.

“We work together on trying to decide where we want to go, where in the United States we want to go,” Prusinski said.

“From that point forward, Jason and his team are off and running,” he added. “We’ve been in ‘USA Today,’ the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ numerous TV interviews around the U.S. It’s been a very successful relationship.”

He said Ovitt has a “keen sense of looking at the bigger picture” and figuring out how to “take that and find the sense of urgency that allows you to go and make an immediate impact.”

“I’ve been extremely happy with the team that they’ve got,” Prusinski said. “It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve been successful.

“When you aren’t afraid to take chances and you work hard and you understand what people are looking for and you deliver on it, you’re gonna be successful. They don’t look at you just as a client. They look at you as how could I actually use the product that you guys have, how does that relate to me and how can I share that experience with the reporters and the audience.”

Asylum posted many “success stories” from other companies on its website including BiOWiSH Technologies, CGear, Dripo and Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus.