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Chandler officials updating transportation plan

February 26th, 2019 development
Chandler officials updating transportation plan

By the City of Chandler


The City of Chandler is in the process of updating our Transportation Master Plan to address the current and future transportation needs of our community.

The plan will identify transportation issues and update goals, objectives and policy recommendations that will guide decisions the City makes about prioritizing, funding and implementing transportation system improvements.

An efficient transportation system is essential to maintaining the quality of life and economic health of our community. It affects how we travel to work, to school and to the store. It affects the distribution of consumer goods and the provision of services.

Our transportation system even plays a role in many recreational activities. The planning that goes into the development of this system is among the most important activities performed by City government.  

“We look out 20 years to identify future traffic volumes, employment numbers, population, transit ridership and things of that nature,” said Dan Cook, Chandler’s transportation policy manager.

“This helps us determine where to put our money. Do we need a four-lane roadway or a six-lane roadway? Do we need a safety improvement here or a capacity improvement there? Do we need a bus route on this street or not? Or do we need to look at alternative types of transit?”

Answers to these and other questions will help guide the formulation of priorities when planning improvements related to Chandler’s roadways, bicycle, pedestrian and trail networks, transit, infrastructure system and traffic management programs.

The current Transportation Master Plan was adopted in 2010. Numerous changes have taken place since that time.

Many new retail, industrial and residential developments have been built, high-tech traffic management systems have been installed and major street improvements have been constructed or are being designed.

These changes have had a tremendous impact on our transportation system and we are looking to our citizens to help give direction on how best to manage these impacts and plan for our transportation future.


Citizen participation essential

We are currently in the “information gathering” phase of developing the plan. Public comment on transportation needs and priorities is important to the plan’s development. We encourage you to make your ideas and opinions known by completing our online transportation survey, available at

“It’s important we obtain input from our citizens and businesses on what they’d like to see,” Cook said. “As much as we as staff live and work here, we still don’t know all of the ins and outs of everything in the transportation system.”

A consulting firm with expertise in transportation planning has been hired to assist the City in updating our current plan and our Transportation Commission, comprised of seven citizens representing a variety of community interests, will help guide the process.

Community input is very important as we work together to improve Chandler’s transportation system. If you have any questions or desire further information, please visit, or call our Study Hotline at 480-898-4060.


Valley Metro leads study

In conjunction with Chandler’s update of the City’s Transportation Master Plan, Valley Metro is conducting an Arizona Avenue Alternatives Analysis (AA) study that will evaluate high capacity transit options to connect transit riders along Arizona Avenue to the rest of the region.

The study will identify which type of high capacity transit, such as bus rapid transit, light rail, or modern streetcar, will best meet the area’s transportation needs.

Following the AA study, the recommended transit type and route (the “locally preferred alternative”) will move forward for input from the community and elected officials. Community outreach and engagement will be conducted throughout the study, including public meetings and updated information posted on the AA study website,