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Broken Yolk serves breakfast creations

April 4th, 2019 development
Broken Yolk serves breakfast creations

By COLLEEN SPARKS, Managing Editor

A popular restaurant known for its large portions, diverse eggs Benedicts and other breakfast options is opening its second Arizona location in Chandler on Monday.
The Broken Yolk Café will open at 2970 E. Germann Road on April 8.
The national chain began in 1979 in the San Diego area and was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” show several years ago. The Broken Yolk Café already has a Mesa location at 2034 E. Southern Ave. – one of more than 30 around the country.
A varied menu with lots of choices in breakfast and lunch dishes and homemade, high-quality food are trademarks of The Broken Yolk Cafe, said Bill Marble, co-owner of The Broken Yolk Café in Chandler and owner of Phoenix Cafes, a franchise of the parent Broken Yolk.
Bill, who also owns 12 Five Guys restaurants in Oregon and Washington state, said Chandler will be a great location for The Broken Yolk Café.
“The demographics are great for the restaurant,” he said. “It seems like all the time I spent there, it seems like a lot of people were eating out around there. I like this particular area and location because of the activity. The demographics are very dense. There’s a good population. The average income was good.”
Previously Bill spent 29 years working for McDonald’s, serving as the vice-president for southern California, Hawaii and Micronesia. Bill, who lives in Moorpark, California, said he was involved in getting McDonald’s to start serving breakfast around the country decades ago.
“This is totally different and I’ve always liked the breakfast timeframe,” Bill said of The Broken Yolk Café.
After retiring from McDonald’s and spending 10 years retired, his brother, Ron Marble, wanted to do something new professionally and the two of them checked out Five Guys. Ron is the director of operations for the Five Guys restaurants Bill owns and a 13th one Bill will open this summer in Washington state.
“Real estate is a big part of it,” Bill said. “You’ve gotta pick the right location if you’re gonna be successful. I had some experiences in that. I had all the disciplines underneath me at McDonald’s.”
Bill’s nephew, Jay Marble, is a franchisee of The Broken Yolk Café and a principal in the Chandler location.
Bill’s son Jeff will be principal of the next restaurant that will open in Arizona and the Marbles are looking for a location.
“They have a variety of Benedicts, eggs Benedicts,” Bill said. “My personal favorite is the south of the border Benedict, which is excellent. They’ve got a lot of variety on the menu. We’ve got our own seasoning that we use for some of the dishes. They have all kinds of high-end waffles and pancakes. The omelets are exceptional, too, very big, very tasty.”
Diners will be able to indulge their tastes for unusual and traditional breakfasts, as well as lots of sandwiches, soups, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and salads for lunch in the 4,900-square-foot space in Chandler.
The hearty eggs Benedicts at The Broken Yolk Café include the Border Benedict, which has seasoned carne asada on two Mexican sweet corn cakes covered in homemade poblano sauce.
Another twist on the well-known breakfast dish is the chicken-and-waffle Benedict, which has crispy chicken tenders and poached eggs smothered in Hollandaise sauce over two Belgian waffle quarters.
Customers also can satisfy their sweet tooth with the many French toast and crepe choices at The Broken Yolk Café.
The Tiki Toast is three extra-thick slices of sweet Hawaiian bread, grilled until they are golden brown, covered with strawberries, blueberries, shredded coconut, powdered sugar and caramel drizzle.
Crunch French Toast is three very thick slices of bread rolled in crunchy, frosted flakes with sprinkles of sliced almonds, raspberries and powdered sugar, covered with whipped cream and a raspberry drizzle.
Nutella crepes are three homemade, very thin pancakes, filled with the Nutella spread of customers’ choice and their pick of fresh, sliced strawberries or a banana. Those crepes have powdered sugar and whipped cream spread over the top.
Pancakes are offered in buttermilk, blueberry, banana, chocolate chip, cinna-cakes, honey wheat and gluten-free recipes.
They come as short stacks with two pancakes and a full stack with three pancakes.
Chicken and waffles together is also on the menu, as are a Belgian waffle and a waffle sandwich, which has scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and applewood-smoked bacon inside it.
Fans of Mexican food have lots of spicy breakfast dishes to pick from at The Broken Yolk Café.
The huevos rancheros is a grilled corn tortilla covered with two eggs over medium and homemade ranchero sauce. It is paired with guacamole, Mexican rice and refried beans and diners’ choice of corn or flour tortillas.
Huevos con chorizo blends beef chorizo sausage with two scrambled eggs and is served with Mexican rice, homemade salsa and refried beans, as well as a choice of corn or flour tortillas.
Breakfast burritos and tacos are among the other Mexican breakfast choices. Baja breakfast tacos are two corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, beef chorizo sausage and fresh avocado, covered with homemade salsa and Cotija cheese, delivered with Mexican rice and black beans.
A Southwest chicken wrap gives diners a spicy lunch with diced, grilled chicken breast, avocado, black beans, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, as well as red and green bell peppers and chipotle mayonnaise wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla.
Many classic sandwiches and wraps are available at The Broken Yolk Café. One of them is a club sandwich called the Gaslamp with sliced turkey breast, Provolone cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on toasted sourdough bread. A B.L.T. has bacon, lettuce, tomato with mayonnaise on customers’ choice of toasted bread.
The food will not be the only attraction at The Broken Yolk Café in Chandler.
The restaurant has a full liquor license and will sell beer, wine and liquors including Bloody Mary drinks and mimosas.
Broken Yolk’s Breakfast Waffle Bloody Mary is a hefty creation with a classic BYC Bloody Mary covered with a mini breakfast waffle sandwich filled with sausage, bacon, a fried egg and a crispy chicken strip on top, paired with garnishings.
A “big hit in San Diego” is mimosas, and the Chandler restaurant will have a broad range of different flavored mimosas, Bill said.
The Broken Yolk Café in Chandler will be located on East Germann Road, just west of Gilbert Road. It will be open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. Information: