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Amazing Lash Studio gives clients glamour

May 16th, 2019 development
Amazing Lash Studio gives clients glamour

Managing Editor

People craving a glamorous, sexy and polished look for their eyes are flocking to Amazing Lash Studio Chandler-Ocotillo to treat themselves to the latest eyelash extensions and lash lifts in a variety of styles.

Amazing Lash Studio has over 185 locations in 23 states around the country, including one in Ocotillo at 3901 S. Arizona Ave. and one at Chandler Fashion Center at 3355 W. Chandler Blvd.

Customers can get longer, fuller and more curly lashes without having to take time to put on mascara every day when they buy eyelash extensions —synthetic fibers glued on eyelashes to achieve greater length and volume.

In contrast, the lifts elevate and curl people’s eyelashes to avoid the need for eyelash curlers and to create the natural, attractive lashes they crave.

The colorful and cozy Amazing Lash Studio Chandler – Ocotillo location is about 2,000 square-feet and opened in May of 2016.

On a recent weekday morning, several women smiled as they left the studio with striking eyelash extensions.

About 750 customers are active members at the Ocotillo salon, meaning they have subscriptions that allow them to save money when they make eyelash replacements, refills, touch-ups and lash removals, as well as lash add-ons.

The members on average come to the salon about every three weeks to get refills. People lose two to four natural eyelashes per day, said owner Juan Corsillo.

“If hair grows fast, your lashes shed faster,” he said.

Medical-grade adhesive is used to attach the eyelashes, which are individual strands of synthetic fibers created to replicate a natural eyelash. Clients love the convenience of not having to apply mascara in the morning and the attention they get for their lash extensions, Corsillo said.

“They love the compliments they get when they go out. It’s a little bit of the ‘me time.’ For one, it’s affordable. For two, it’s accessibility. We’re open seven days a week.”

People can also just walk in to get treatments.

“We make it easier for people to come in on a moment’s notice,” Corsillo said. “You can get your lashes done anywhere,” in the Amazing Lash Studio locations around the country.”

Amazing Lash Studio offers four, proprietary “classic” styles of eyelash extensions. One type is “natural,” which are longer lashes across the clients’ lash line to enhance the natural shape of their eyes.

Another style is “cute,” which offers longer lash extensions at the center of someone’s lash line that make their eyes look larger.

“Sexy” offers longer lashes on the outer corners of the eyes and “gorgeous” extensions offer thicker, fuller lashes all over for a red-carpet style.

“It really comes down on personal preference,” Corsillo said.

“At Amazing Lash Studio, our customers get to have a spa-like experience where they are treated in private suites and leave feeling beautiful and rejuvenated,” Heather Elrod, CEO of Amazing Lash Studio said.

The first full-set of eyelash extensions costs $79.99 and it costs $250 to replace a full set of lashes for non-members and $89.99 per month to replace the whole set for Amazing Lash Studio members.

To get refills, if at least 25-percent of the artificial lashes are still on their eyes, costs $79.99 for non-members and $55.99 per month for one refill for members.

While the four “classic” styles of lashes are applied one-to-one, one artificial lash per every real eyelash, the Amazing Volume lash extensions are available in 3D (with three artificial lashes to every one real lash) and 6D (six artificial lashes to every real lash). Those give people the look of very full lashes.

“Our customers really value their time, and being able to wake up looking beautiful and not worry about makeup is a huge draw,” Elrod said.

Amazing Lash also offers Featherweight Lashes, a very light lash extension with a lush look.

Eyelashes come in different lengths and most people get them in black, but some prefer them in brown. Every once in a while a stylist will put blue or green lash extensions on a client, Corsillo said.

“We can go any length,” he said. “Length is how long you want to go. It depends on the strength of your personal lashes.”

Jennifer Blunt loves coming to Amazing Lash on a regular basis for her eyelash extensions. The busy teacher and mother of two children recently saw master stylist Kelly Hedrick for eyelash fills.

Licensed estheticians or cosmetologists who go through an intensive, two-week training apply and extend the eyelashes. At the Ocotillo location, 16 stylists or estheticians work and seven staff members work up front in the salon.

“I don’t wear any eye makeup,” Blunt said. “I just wake up and feel pretty. My eyelashes and lipstick are really all I do. They (eyelashes) look really natural. I’m sure my husband likes seeing (them). I’m a teacher so I get up and go.”

Tami Butcher of Chandler also loves getting eyelash extensions at Amazing Lash in Ocotillo.

“It’s great,” Butcher said. “The best customer service here. I’m not really wearing any makeup right now.”

Clients say getting the eyelash extensions is relaxing and not painful. It feels like a “little tickle” on their lash lines, Joy Chapman, assistant manager at the Ocotillo salon said.

“I can’t imagine not having them on,” Chapman said. “It just feels normal.”

Anyone with sensitive skin who is concerned they might be allergic or react badly to the eyelash extensions can get a free patch test to determine their tolerance to the adhesive before getting full lash extensions.

After getting their eyelash extensions or fills, customers are urged to keep their eyelashes dry for 48 hours, to avoid sweating and to not put any oil-based products on or near their eyes.

Clients are also told to avoid touching their lashes directly and not to sleep face-down for the first 48 hours after the application.

After 48 hours after getting eyelash extensions, customers are strongly encouraged to wash their eyelashes twice in the morning and twice in the evening with an oil-free eye wash. Amazing Lash Studio sells its own Amazing Lash Studio’s Eyelash Foaming Cleanser.

The company also sells a protective lash coating that helps keep lashes looking glossy; a retractable styling wand, which grooms and beautifies lashes; a water-resistant clear gel for eyebrows and eyelashes, a liner for lash extension and other eye-related beauty products.

When people get lash lifts, the stylist is “essentially perming your lash,” to make it curl, Corsillo said. He said the lash lifts usually last for about four to six weeks. People can use oil-free mascara to their lashes as long as they wait 24 hours after the lash lift treatment. The lash lifts cost $79.99 to have done.

Besides the two Chandler locations, Amazing Lash Studio has salons in Gilbert (at SanTan Village), Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and Tucson. Neighboring states that have Amazing Lash Studio spaces are California, Nevada and Utah.

The Amazing Lash Studio in Ocotillo is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Fridays; from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays. The Chandler Mall location has the same hours. Information:

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