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AvAir shows the sky’s no limit in aviation

June 3rd, 2019 development
AvAir shows the sky’s no limit in aviation

Managing Editor

A longtime Chandler after-market aviation parts supplier is reaching new heights.

AvAir, at 6877 W. Frye Road, began 19 years ago, and supplies after-market aircraft components for commercial airlines, original equipment manufacturers, businesses like its own and the military.

Its products include just about everything aviation-related including nuts, bolts, landing gear, tray tables and seats, as well as entire engines and airplanes.

Recently AvAir provided two legs of landing gear and two engine pylons, as well as other smaller components for Stratolaunch, the world’s largest aircraft that weighs 500,000 pounds.

The plane with a wingspan the length of a football field flew over California’s Mojave Desert in April in its first flight.

“We were honored to be a part of it,” Tyler Botthof, vice-president of operations for AvAir said. “It’s pretty awesome. It’s not your normal day-to-day buying and selling parts. It’s cool to be part of something that’s so innovative-driven.”

At any one time, AvAir has more than 26 million parts in stock in over 170,000 square feet of space and it has an increasing presence in major cities around the globe.

“We supply just about everything,” Botthof said. “We’re always on the hunt buying and selling from everybody all over the world.”

AvAir continues showing the sky is no limit for it by earning many awards.

Airline Economics named AvAir the “#2 Aircraft Parts Supplier of the Year” in 2018 and 2017. AvAir received the Environmental Sustainability Award through The Aviation 100, which honors outstanding performers in the aerospace industry. Mike Bianco, CEO of AvAir was chosen for the “Airline Economics” list of “40 Under 40” for 2018.

Jim Moore, a longtime pilot and CEO of WingSpan Business Investments, LLC, praised AvAir.

His WingSpan Aviation Center–Chandler at the Chandler Municipal Airport offers upscale, customized hangar and office space in the East Valley flying community hub just south of the 202 Freeway between Cooper and McQueen roads.

“AvAir is a solid company which has experienced steady, predictable growth for decades,” Moore said. “They are a recognized leader on a global scale yet have maintained their dedication to providing jobs and positive economic impact to Chandler.

“Their strong leadership team and board of directors, along with talented employees and streamlined processes have clearly placed AvAir in a best in breed category,” Moore added. “We are very fortunate to have such a top-notch company here in Chandler.”

The City of Chandler’s economic development director Micah Miranda also spoke highly of AvAir.

“The aerospace and aviation industry is one of Chandler’s target industry clusters for business start-up, attraction and expansion,” Miranda said, adding:

“This cluster was seeded by companies like AvAir, which is widely recognized as a leader in their industry both nationally and internationally. We are extremely proud that Chandler is home to such a well respected company and that they continue to grow and invest in our community.”

Besides selling aviation parts, AvAir also sources parts packages and complete airplanes for different companies and allows clients to lease parts including engines and aircraft.

Botthof said he grew up in Tucson and has known Bianco since they were kids. AvAir founder Robert Ellis is still with the company in an advisory capacity as a member of AvAir’s board of directors.

Botthof has worked about 18 years, his whole career, at AvAir, starting right after he graduated from high school. He said he likes working on “exciting projects” and that “no one day is the same” at AvAir.

The company has about 73 employees with almost no turnover since it’s inception.

“That speaks to our leadership and the culture we’ve built over the 19 years,” Botthof said. “We just have a family atmosphere.”

Information: avair.aero