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City, Intel work together on Price Road project

June 3rd, 2019 development
City, Intel work together on Price Road project

By Kayla Rutledge
Staff Writer

Intel is under contract with the City of Chandler to widen and improve Price Road in order to alleviate traffic.

The $5.4-million project will widen Price Road from two to three lanes and provide a direct route to Intel for employees. The widening will start at Queen Creek Road and continue three-quarters of a mile south.

From the initial design phase to completion of the road construction, economic development director Micah Miranda said the project should take about 18 months. Though no official timeline for the project has been set, he added.

The project also includes the revitalization of Old Price Road to keep Intel employees off main roadways and give them a direct route to work. The roadway is located on the west side of Intel’s water treatment plant.

Miranda added there will be varying degrees of access for pedestrians on the expedited route because, “this is not meant to be a pedestrian access point, so it won’t be your traditional arterial road.”

Though the City of Chandler will be paying the tab upfront for the project, $1.1 million will be reimbursed from Intel.

“[This is] an example of the great relationship that we have with Intel as well as the state’s willingness to continue to see our economy grow,” said Mayor Kevin Hartke.

“This is a win-win for the city and for Intel. And as Intel enters its 40th year in Arizona in 2020 we look forward to continue working together,” he added.