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Yoga fitness studio opens in East Valley

June 3rd, 2019 development
Yoga fitness studio opens in East Valley


Sutra Studios, which bills itself as a fitness and wellness pioneer of the Valley’s contemporary mainstream yoga movement, has opened a second studio location in Gilbert.

“Sutra Studios’ 5,000-square-foot location boasts a vintage exterior facade that honors its character from the historic past of Gilbert, while embracing the edgy and modern Sutra Studios’ brand culture in the newly designed Mercantile building,” a spokesperson said.

It includes two expansive class studios, a boutique, café and 1,000-square foot patio for community events and outdoor fitness classes.

Owned and operated by a local Phoenix husband and wife entrepreneur duo, Rebecca and Matthew Fritz, Sutra Studios was founded in 2008.

“Our mission with Sutra Studios was to create a community gathering space that is accessible for all,” said Matthew Fritz.

“In a time when the majority of our personal relationships are maintained thru technology, we found it important to create a neighborhood sanctuary where people can come together in support of a healthy lifestyle,” Fritz said, noting:

“‘Sutra’ in Sanskrit, translates to ‘the thread that binds’ and that was our intention: to fuse wellness, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, education, art, music and culture into one massively creative space to remind you that it is hip to be healthy.

“We designed our studios to empower you to take your radical self-love to the next level.”

Classes include yoga, barre, pilates, conditioning and meditation programs.

Rebecca Fritz designed the programs to not only sculpt and tone, but “allow practitioners to learn and explore at their own individual pace with countless opportunities to push their limits and tune their body awareness.”

The studio incorporates music “to enhance the dynamic harmony of each class experience and match the mood and intensity of the class varieties,” the spokesperson said.

Using the studio’s signature “Sutra Flow Better Philosophy” in each of its yoga classes, practitioners engage in what the Fritzes call “a unique blend of contemporary vinyasa yoga and the ancient yoga style of ashtanga that boasts a fluid, movement-intensive practice.”

“No two Sutra Studio classes are exactly the same, so practitioners are constantly pushing their physical limits without hitting a weight loss fitness plateau,” the spokeswoman said.

“Sutra Studios’ yoga classes are also set to a temperature of 82 degrees to promote the production of internal heat and body changing results, including reduced stress, improved flexibility, increased metabolism and weight loss, and aiding in detoxification, as well.”

“Sutra Style” in barre and pilates programs incorporate high-intensity interval training that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity.

The studio also hosts class events, such as “Bubbles and Beats Barre,” “Electric Lotus Rave Yoga” and “Quantum Moon Meditation.”

Sutra Studios also is offering a special program on June 15 called “Sidekicks FamilyYoga Workshop,” designed to introduce kids and beginners to yoga and to introduce ways to bring families closer together.

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