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Chandler bakery’s offerings are ‘keto-compliant’

August 6th, 2019 development
Chandler bakery’s offerings are ‘keto-compliant’




Low-carb doesn’t always mean low-maintenance where one Chandler bakery is concerned. 

Keto Kitchen Confections is out to make the ketogenic diet as easy to follow as possible, because according to Owner Leah Huarte, “the only good diet is the one you can stick to.”

From bagels, zucchini ravioli, giant cheese danishes and lemon pound cakes; to cupcakes, caramel-chocolate pecan turtles, tiramisu, crème brule and raspberry linzer bars, the menu at Keto Kitchen Confections is constantly adding more items to keep up with customer requests.

“The thing about baking and cooking like this is that it’s really expensive to mess up; there’s not a lot of room for error if you’re new at it,” said Huarte’s husband, Inaki Huarte. 

Five years ago, Leah, a retail buyer at a casino, and her business partner and best friend Rebecca Skinner, a teacher, gave the diet a whirl to lose weight just before her brother’s wedding. 

When five pounds in the first week turned into 25 pounds in the first couple of months, Huarte and Skinner knew they had cracked the code to something special. 

Though now Huarte and Skinner have lost over 300 pounds together, their lives used to look much different. 

Inaki is a professional chef. So, taking full advantage of the skill set that was under her roof, Leah previously hosted “fatty fest”—a time when she, Rebecca and some of their friends would indulge in the most gluttonous, savory and sweet recipes they have Inaki conjure up. 

“We always joked that we were the ‘fat friends.’ We had each other in all of our diets and the fall back of those when they wouldn’t work out was usually fatty fest,” said Leah. “But then, I don’t know, we said we’ll give this one last diet a try.”

The ketogenic diet, commonly shortened to “keto,” is a low-carb, high-fat diet—putting one’s body in a state of ketosis, when the body can efficiently burn fat for energy instead of stored carbs. 

While there are several styles of the diet — including standard, cyclical, targeted and high protein — they all share the same goal: to provide immediate weight loss, offer extended solution to burn fat efficiently and lower risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.  

Though highly effective, the diet can be difficult to stick to if done improperly. 

A majority of beginners fall victim to “Keto flu” while their body is adapting to the new source of energy. Symptoms include a weakened immune system, headaches, fatigue, nausea and severe sugar cravings and many other withdrawal-like symptoms associated with curbing off an addiction. 

“Most people give up on the diet at that point. But the thing is they just don’t know how to get their body the energy it needs to sustain itself properly,” said Leah. “And that’s sort of where we step in and take the reigns for you,” she added. 

Inaki has been able to manipulate Leah and Skinner’s favorite recipes to not only be Keto-friendly, but to curb their cravings as well. 

Going through the effects of Keto flu themselves, Skinner said she knew the trio needed to share their knowledge with others as keto became more popular, and more people were going about the diet improperly.

“I was like oh my gosh you guys can make money at this. This is a wasted opportunity if you don’t pursue something because so many people have no idea where to start with this stuff,” said Skinner.

“They said ‘maybe,’ but one night I was up feeding my baby at like 4 a.m. and I just went for it. I found a brand, I got a website domain, and a label and I figured then they couldn’t say no,” Skinner added.

With just a cottage kitchen license, the trio began selling Keto-inspired savory and sweet meal-prepped food in April. 

Within the first week, they decided to upgrade their license for commercial use as the cottage license restricted what they could use. The three also rented a commercial kitchen on Alma School Road and Elliot Road as well. 

“We literally blew up overnight. We can’t keep up with all these orders. And most of them are for the baked goods because it’s hard to find Keto-friendly cakes and things,” said Skinner. 

“We’ve absolutely loved what we’ve heard from customers. We give you all the nutritional information and macros so if you’re counting that you can stay on track,” said Leah. 

Lead said for the time being the bakery is doing pick-up orders only, which need to be placed 48 hours in advance until they can grow the business and open a full-service bakery. 

“I think we’re just going to keep expanding. I mean, I’m not sure what the future holds, but I also said that 100 pounds ago and look where I am now,” said Leah. 

Information: Keto Kitchen Confections is on Facebook, or go to or call 480-630-4651.