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Chandler author’s new book teaches healthy breathing

August 19th, 2019 development
Chandler author’s new book teaches healthy breathing

By Alison Stanton



For many people, the way that they breathe is not probably something they think about on a regular basis.

They inhale oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide and that’s about it.

But for Chandler author and yoga teacher Sudesh Abrol, breathing is a process that, when done correctly using a method called Pranayam, can help to improve physical, mental and spiritual health.

“Breath is not simply air, it’s the life force which we bring in and works as energy. Proper and regular Pranayam practice calms our mind, boosts energy, and increases longevity,” Abrol said.

In order to teach others how to breathe correctly using the Pranayam method, Abrol published a book last fall titled “Breathe To Live.”  

The book, as well as Abrol’s previous books including “Scrumptious Meals from India,” Volumes 1 and 2, are currently available on Amazon.

As Abrol noted, “Breathe To Live” offers easy to follow instructions on a dozen breathing manipulations which she said are very beneficial to the body and spirit. Abrol has observed that many people breathe in a shallow way by inhaling and exhaling sharply, which she said can cause them to feel tired.

“In my new book, simple breathing practice will introduce you to the essential breathing and Pranayam techniques such as observing and absorbing the breathing pattern, regulating your breath and yourself,” Abrol said, adding that she has seen first-hand on numerous occasions how learning to breathe correctly has helped people in many ways.

For instance, some of Abrol’s students in her yoga classes have breathing problems that stem from asthma. 

“A few students took breathing classes from me and regularly practice at home. Their health has improved and the breathing pattern as well,” she said.

Abrol also has personal experience in how correct breathing can help to heal the body.

In the past, when she was battling the stomach flu and could not eat anything, Abrol’s body began to feel very weak.

“With the regular practice of Pranayam, I was back to normal soon. It helps the body to generate energy, enliven dying body cells and to feel energetic,” she said. “I am a senior citizen and I am still very active and live a disease-free life.”

Once people learn Pranayam and get in some regular practice, Abrol said they can also control the speed at which they think.

“It helps control the mind and molds it towards positive and productive thoughts,” she said. 

Abrol, who has three daughters, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, has also taught two of her grandchildren who have asthma how to breathe properly through these techniques.

Abrol said it is very fulfilling for her to know that her book will help people to live healthier lives, all through the power of correct breathing.

“All my life I have been writing and now with the help, encouragement, and strength of my darling daughters I’m having my books published,” she said.

“My dream comes true when I take my newly published book in my hands.”