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Chandler native cast in PBS show ‘Odd Squad’

August 19th, 2019 development
Chandler native cast in PBS show ‘Odd Squad’

By Kevin Reagan

Staff Writer


A Chandler girl is expected to appear in the upcoming season of “The Odd Squad,” an educational adventure series that airs on PBS Kids.

Valentina Herrera, 11, will play the role of Opal, one of four kid agents who use math and science to solve problems.  

“She’s basically the leader of the group,” Valentina said about her character. “She loves her team.” 

Adopting the look and feel of a generic spy show, “The Odd Squad” has its young agents trying to solve a series of strange mysteries, and simultaneously avoid a group of scheming villains that want to thwart their plans. 

The show has won several Daytime Emmy Awards for writing and directing. A new group of actors, including Valentina, was brought in for the show’s third season. 

Valentina said she likes how the show manages to be both entertaining and educational.    

“You’re learning throughout the show and you don’t even notice,” the young actress said. “I can’t think of another show like Odd Squad.”

Valentina said she has much in common with Opal; they’re both upbeat, competitive and make sure everyone stays in line.  

“I like sticking to the rules,” she said. 

Valentina was born in Chandler and lived there until she was about 8. She started acting professionally about two years ago and “The Odd Squad” is her first big job. 

She recently had a small role in “All the World is Sleeping,” a feature film that was shot last year in New Mexico.

Valentina said she’s always enjoyed making little videos and acting out skits. One of her first acting experiences was playing a poodle in a school play. 

She convinced her parents to take her to an acting class at the Young Actor’s House in Texas, where she was discovered by an agent. 

Her main ambition at the moment is to get cast on a Disney Channel show. 

Shooting episodes of “The Odd Squad” has allowed the young actress to do much traveling with her other cast members, making stops in Canada and Australia. 

“The production experience has been amazing,” she said. “It’s all like a huge family.”

The new season of “Odd Squad” is expected to air in early 2020.