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Eggstasy brings breakfast magic to S. Chandler

August 19th, 2019 development
Eggstasy brings breakfast magic to S. Chandler

By Kevin Reagan

Staff Writer


Peter Verros says he’s a simple, bacon-and-eggs-type of guy. But the menu at his new brunch spot in Chandler begs to differ. 

It has jelly-donut-flavored pancakes, bacon covered in chocolate and crepes served with bananas and chili peppers.

Verros said his staff at Eggstasy, 2430 S. Gilbert Road, is always experimenting and testing the limits of the standard breakfast menu. 

“We’re always looking to keep going forward, keep being innovative,” Verros said. 

They serve waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, burgers and eggs — lots of eggs. 

Verros estimated they crack about two million eggs from Hickman Farms each year. They serve eggs with apple cider-flavored bacon, eggs with ciabatta bread, and nine different styles of Eggs Benedict. 

And there are specialty items not on the regular menu, like crepes covered in a cookie butter sauce. 

Eggstasy has three existing locations around Scottsdale. Verros said he originally planned to open the first location in Chandler, but fate had him venturing further north. 

The Chicago native moved to Arizona a few years ago after a trip exposed him to the state’s alluring sunshine and business-friendly atmosphere.   

“I came out here and fell in love with it,” Verros said.

He has more than 25 years of restaurant experience, opening and running his first breakfast spot when he was still a teenager. 

People made fun of his menus at first, he said, but then they started catching on and getting trendy. 

Eclectic, hip brunch spots that serve avocado toast can now be found everywhere throughout the Valley. But Verros said this has been his style for years. 

He wants Eggstasy to feel like a mom-and-pop store that’s welcoming and inviting.

 It should almost feel like a party, he said, which is why the restaurant has Maroon 5 and Ricky Martin playing regularly in the background. 

“We don’t want that corporate feel,” Verros said. 

Crepes remain one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. From Nutella crepes to spinach crepes, Eggstasy offers a wide spectrum of both savory and sweet options. 

And there are plenty of healthier options for customers looking to watch their calories. The menu offers items like protein-filled pancakes and whole wheat French toast.  

Among the restaurant’s numerous menu items, Verros said his personal favorite is the gluten-free lemon ricotta pancakes.  

The restaurant will be testing out Japanese-style soufflé pancakes in the near future. 

In honor of the Chandler location opening, customers at all four Eggstasy locations will have the chance to win a special prize on Aug. 24. 

If a customer receives a gold-coated pancake on that day, they’ll win a lifetime supply of free pancakes. 

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.