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Louisville “felt like home” for Chubba Purdy

September 5th, 2019 development
Louisville “felt like home” for Chubba Purdy
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By Brittany Bowyer
Contributing Writer

Growing up in a house full of athletes, hard work and dedication was nothing out of the ordinary for Chubba Purdy.

The senior, a 4-star dual threat quarterback at Perry High School, watched both his older sister, Whittney and his older brother, Brock, excel at their respective sports. He watched them go through the college recruiting process, anxiously waiting for his time to come.

Brock, who currently plays for Iowa State University, went through the process two years ago. He didn’t receive a Division I offer until after his senior season had concluded. Chubba’s is different, however, as he had several offers before he began his senior campaign.

Though their recruitment was different, Brock still served as a voice of guidance for Chubba through it all.

“My brother just told me to be patient, because after the season I wasn’t getting anything,” Chubba Purdy said. “He said, ‘it will come, just wait.’”

When his first D1 offer came in on Jan. 15 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he was ready to begin the process.

By summer, Purdy had gathered offers from nearly two-dozen schools, including Arizona State, Central Florida, Louisville, Michigan State and Yale.

After visiting a couple of schools, he ultimately decided on Louisville.

“They just really showed me the most love from the get-go. I just really created a great relationship with coach Ponce, the quarterback coach, and we kept in touch after he offered me. I talked to him every single day,” Purdy said. “I just had a great time with all the other players there and they really wanted me there, as well.”

Purdy said besides his relationship with the coaching staff, he was really fond of the city of Louisville and all it had to offer. When he took his official visit to the school, he felt it was the perfect fit.

“I love the city. We went around and ate, and I just really felt that I could see myself there,” Purdy said. “I just really felt the love and I felt at home when I was there.”

While on his visit, he talked about the Cardinals’ offense with the players and coaches. Their style of play is something that he was on board with and felt he could contribute to, which also was a big factor in his decision.

Purdy knows that he will have some competition in his future quest to be named the starting quarterback. There are currently two juniors on Louisville’s roster as well as a freshman. He knows, though, that anything can happen, and he is eager to accept the challenge.

“I’m just going to have to work my butt off and see what happens,” he said.

No matter what, Purdy said he remains grateful every single day for the athletic abilities that he and his siblings have, as well as his family.

“It’s amazing. We’re just really, truly blessed for God giving us these talents. And to our parents, as well,” Purdy said. “They do nothing but support us, and I just don’t know how they do it.”

Even now that Purdy is verbally committed, Brock is still helping by providing advice.

“Now, he just said to focus on my senior year and let things roll,” Purdy said.

And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Purdy steps on the field for Perry each and every day as a leader, and continuously looks to help improve the team by working toward sharpening his skills.

Purdy’s attitude and leadership are characteristics that don’t go unnoticed by Perry coach Preston Jones.

Just as Purdy is focusing on this season, so is Jones, who is thankful he gets to have Purdy playing as the quarterback for a little bit longer.

“He’s a really, really good athlete,” Jones said. “He’s a good, strong, big kid that’s got so much potential.

“We are happy we have him for the rest of the season and we hate to lose him for next year.”