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Squeeze will cover songbook in Chandler show

September 5th, 2019 development
Squeeze will cover songbook in Chandler show

Christina Fuoco-Karasinski
Staff Writer

The English pop band Squeeze has a catalog filled with hits like “Hourglass,” “Temped,” “Black Coffee in Bed,” “Cool for Cats” and “Up the Junction.”

They’ll celebrate their 45-plus year career on the Chandler Center for the Arts on Sunday, Sept. 15.

“Fans can expect the unexpected,” said singer Glenn Tilbrook. “We’re a good live band and that’s not changed. What we can do now is augment the live presentation with film. The way technology has gone, it helps us to do what we couldn’t have done back in the day, but we never lost sight that we’re a great live band.”

Squeeze is seeing something of a renaissance, with major festival shows and two critically acclaimed albums in the last three years.

“I feel excited about the tour,” said guitarist Chris Difford. “It’s a great band full of dedicated, hardworking, passionate people and we have a fabulous catalogue of songs to dip in and out of, so I feel completely blessed. I can’t wait to strap on the electric guitar again and sing the songs that got me where I am today.”

Difford and Tilbrook have been compared to Lennon and McCartney since “Take Me I’m Yours,” their first release in 1978, blasted the band into the forefront of the U.K. music scene.

Following hits including Squeeze established themselves as a vital part of the quintessential rock scene. These hits also established Difford and Tilbrook as two of the most prolific songwriters of their time.

Writing new music, Tilbrook said, is “good for the soul.”

“You have to really push yourself,” he said. “We’ve done two new albums (recently). I’m immensely proud of those records. There’s a little distance between them now, so I can say they’re great achievements for us as writers.”

Tilbrook is always writing, whether it’s a songwriting session or just jotting things down.

“Musically, I record bits and pieces on my phone,” he said. “I deliberately work in a chaotic way, so I don’t know what I have. I don’t like to catalog what I have. I don’t like to be aware of the stuff I have. Whenever I get an idea, I will write it down and pursue it as much or as little as I can.

“I go back at a different point and see what works. Sometimes it takes years to come through that way. No one way is the best way. Have of writing is how you arrange it. I’ve always believed working with a band, you play to the band’s strengths. That can influence the way you arrange stuff. Part of having a band you love is you want to see where they’ll go with it. It’s a bit of a mystery.”

One thing Tilbrook does know is Squeeze’s music is “relatively upbeat” and fun to play live.

“The band we have is a fantastic band,” adds Tilbrook, who is joined by Difford, keyboardist Stephen Large, bassist/vocalist Yolanda Charles, drummer Simon Hanson, Melvin Duffy on pedal steel, and Dirty Vegas’ Steve Smith on percussion, vocals and guitars. “We’re the best Squeeze has ever been. It’s a real honor to play with these people.”

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