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Chandler firm sets itself apart in solar industry

September 23rd, 2019 development
Chandler firm sets itself apart in  solar industry


As the energy industry continues to change with new technology, a Chandler-based company is re-branding itself to keep up with the times.

Elevation Home-Energy Solutions, formerly known as Elevation Solar, doesn’t consider itself exclusively as a solar power company anymore. It considers itself more of a problem-solver for all energy uses.

CEO Clayton Andersen said there’s a negative shadow hanging over the solar industry that his company is staying away from.

“We’re excited to be different from a lot of the stereotypes that currently exist in this industry,” he said, referring to pushy salespeople.

Instead, he said, his company wants to advocate for consumers.

Solar energy has been booming in the Southwest for several years and scammers are finding ways to take advantage of customers.

Horror stories have surfaced recently of Valley residents paying thousands of dollars for panels that were never delivered.

Arizona’s attorney general has routinely warned residents to be wary of high-pressure solar salesmen who promise big savings on power bills.

Andersen said his company wants to be different, which is why Elevation may not even encourage customers to go solar.

They’re not focused on installing as many rooftop panels as possible, the CEO said, they want every customer to have an energy-efficient home.

“We wanted to take a catered-approach to solving an individual homeowner’s needs and address those needs with solutions and technology that would be beneficial to them,” he said.

This strategy appears to be working, as Elevation recently moved into a new headquarters in Chandler and has reported year-over-year growth of up to 70 percent.

With a staff of about 170 employees, Elevation operates in seven states outside of Arizona and plans to keep expanding.

Energy Star, a government-backed utility program, honored Elevation as its contractor of the year in 2019.

Andersen said the secret to his company’s success has been focusing on customer service.

“We put a lot of time and energy and focus into providing an elevated experience for customers,” he said.

Aside from solar panels, Elevation offers chargers for electric cars and various types of smart-home technology. Innovations to how energy is produced and consumed are happening rapidly, Andersen added, and his company wants to stay ahead of everyone else.

“This industry is changing drastically,” Andersen said. “We want to be right at the center of that change.”