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Valley Christian students help community

September 23rd, 2019 development
Valley Christian students help community


Nearly 200 kids from Valley Christian High School in Chandler put away the books, pencils and notes for a day to pick up a paintbrush and help their community earlier this month.

They were bussed to the East Valley- Boys and Girls Club Compadre Branch on East Chandler Blvd., to re-paint the fence and the railings of the facility.

Others, meanwhile, picked up branches around the area.

The few hours of work served as the conclusion of the school’s week-long spiritual emphasis conference, which included keynote speakers, worship time with the students and breakout sessions at the Crossroads Nazarene Church.

Valley Christian High School has participated in a community service day for around three decades, but this is the second year the school partnered with the City of Chandler to help find areas of need in the community.

In addition to the Boys and Girls Club, students also assisted on projects at the Chandler Salvation Army, Chandler-Gilbert Arc and the Chandler Senior Center. In all, around 500 students helped at the various locations.

“We were looking for an opportunity to get our students out of the school and have them learn the value of service and loving on others outside the school,” said Tom Croke, the school’s Bible engage teacher who organized the event.

“They get to see other people around them that have needs, tangible needs and that their world is bigger than just their school or their little community.”

The City of Chandler Law Department was also on-site to lend a hand.

“This shows you how committed not just the City of Chandler is to the community, but other agencies, including the Valley Christian schools,” Chandler City Attorney Kelly Schwab said. “I think it is awesome that the kids care enough to come out and the school cares enough to send them out. Logistically, it’s a lot of work, but they’re working really hard and we’re going to leave the Boys and Girls Club looking really nice.”

Sophia Moron, a freshman at Valley Christian School, was excited to participate in the day of service after hearing about it in years previous.

“I like getting out of school to help people, volunteer and make sure everything is working well,” Moron said. “It helps me see how much stuff needs to be done and how much I can impact the world to help other people.”

Croke said the school requires students to also participate in volunteer service on their own time.