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Everyone has the opportunity to walk by faith in Jesus

October 17th, 2019 development
Everyone has the opportunity to walk by faith in Jesus

By Billy Holland
Guest Writer

As just another messenger for God’s kingdom, I’m eternally grateful for the privilege to serve Him.

We are living in an hour where the window of His grace is open and there is much to do before Christ returns. Basically, the intent of my writings is intended to inspire the reader to fill their lamps with oil and prepare their wedding gowns.

This is another way of saying that I want people to know the Lord.

How many individuals consider Christ as their first love and are filled with anticipation and excitement to meet Him in person? I’m not trying to imply that I understand any more than anyone else, in fact, the more I learn, the more I realize I do not know.

I’m just simply convinced that everyone has the opportunity to walk by faith in Jesus if they so choose. One of the greatest revelations I’m still trying to comprehend is that anyone can live as close to the Almighty as they want.

The question is, “How close do we want to be?” Actually, this is answered every moment by our own free-will.

There have been times in my life when being a messenger was discouraging as it seemed that very few were interested. However, in these difficult times, the Lord has always graciously rekindled the joy and excitement in my heart and strengthened my spirit to continue pressing forward.

On many occasions, He has spoken to me in the middle of the night and I have awakened to write down the insight He wanted me to know. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “We do not write because we want to say something, we write because we have something to say.”

There is a huge difference between our thoughts and what God wants us to relay. His Majesty’s order of communication is designed through carefully arranged divine appointments because God always has a plan and knows what it will take to accomplish it.

We love God and accept the calling of a sower to spread His seeds of holy truth. Without a burden for lost souls, we will not have an urgency to pray or care about evangelism.

I’ve been reminded lately that we are accountable for what we believe. Some will say, “Of course we care what God thinks and what He wants,” which leads us to another question: “How much do we care?”

In Luke chapter 12, Jesus tells a story about a landowner who is planning a long journey and leaves one of his most trusted servants in charge of his affairs while he is away.

The owner returns unexpectedly and is very displeased to find the servant has neglected his work, was intoxicated and had even abused some of the other servants.

The punishment was decided according to what the servant knew along with his actions, as verse 48 relays so eloquently: “For to whomsoever much is given, of him much will be required.”

Likewise, as we discover what God wants us to be, we are faced with deciding how far we will go and how much we will do. True, it’s not a popular subject, but every person will be held responsible for what they comprehended, accepted or refused.

As we search for God’s desires and seek the meaning and purpose of our lives, we will find the Lord waiting and willing to teach and lead us into His infinite wisdom and understanding.

We have heard the old saying, “We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” This indicates that our personal views have much to do with our perception, interpretation, and decisions.

These opinions, even when very sincere, mean very little because, in reality, we can be sincerely wrong. God is perfect wisdom and when it comes to serving Him, it will take a relentless commitment and perseverance as we can only embrace His absolute truth according to the level we are willing to obey Him.

Today let us be encouraged as we consider that, “Anybody can, everybody won’t, but somebody will.”

– Billy Holland is an ordained minister, Christian author, singer/songwriter, and a certified community chaplain. Reach him at billyhollandministries.com